Well maintain the battery can extend the life of solar street lights, more energy-saving and environmental-friendly

The principle of solar street lamp is to convert the solar energy by solar panel and charge the battery during the day, then the battery can provide the light source to the LED light at night, thereby achieving the effect of emitting light without high-voltage power.

It can be seen that the battery is an important part of the solar street light. Therefore, the maintenance of the battery can effectively extend the life of the solar street light, and it is more energy-saving and environmental-friendly!

So, how do you do battery maintenance? Next, let Juho Lighting introduce you some nice tricks to maintain the battery!

  1. Prevent rain from entering

The street lights are installed outdoors absolutely, so it is hard to avoid the affect of wind and rain. However, the battery can’t touch water, so the package of battery must be tight enough to prevent the entry of rain, so as to extend its service life.

  1. Stability of discharge & charge

During the charging and discharging process of the battery, the voltage gets mustn’t be too high or too low, maintaining stability is the key to prolonging the service life.

  1. Temperature control

The temperature of the battery should be maintained at a stable value, not too high or too low. You should do the insulation work for the battery room in winter, and do the ventilation work in summer, making sure that the temperature of the battery room is controlled between 5 °C and 25 °C.

  1. Inspection work

The battery should be inspected at least once every six months. When using tools such as wrenches, you need to wear insulated gloves.

  1. Avoidovercharging and undercharging

Overcharging of the battery will generate excessive heat to a certain extent, which will lead to thermal runaway. The thermal runaway will cause serious damages, such as battery water loss, shell “drum belly”, etc., and even cause the battery to be scrapped.

Undercharging is mainly caused by the low setting of the charging voltage, as a result, the battery will be damaged in long run, then the normal use of the solar street lamp will be affected.

  1. Replacement of damaged battery

The battery pack is composed of a single battery. The battery pack should be inspected regularly, the damaged battery must be replaced in time once be found, in order to avoid affecting the normal use of the entire battery pack.

The life of a typical battery is 3-5 years. As long as well maintained, the battery can reach its maximum age, saving money, saving energy and protecting the environment.

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