Be cautious when purchasing, distinguish the quality of solar street lights

Nowadays, there’re more and more solar street light manufacturers, and the price and quality of solar street lights are different, as a result,  consumers are hard to choose and purchase. What kind of solar street lights is good enough? Of course, the price can help you eliminate some poor quality products, but can’t guarantee you that the products get both good quality and affordable price. Therefore, we need to know how to distinguish the quality of solar street lights before purchase.

  1. Consider the actual use requirements. Forsolar street lights, different installation scenarios have different requirements. Different regions have different environments, some regions are quite humid, and some are strongly windy and dusty. In order to adapt to the local environment better, the solar street lights have to focus on certain  resistance ability. From this point of view, it is about whether the lights can apply well, not the quality good or poor. No matter how good are these products, they couldn’t work well enough if used to the inappropriate place.
  2. Distinguish the quality of the components. Solar street lights are composed of multiple components, mainlyincludingbattery panels, batteries, controllers, light sources, etc. The quality of these components directly or indirectly affects the overall quality of the solar street lights. When purchasing, you should pay attention to some important factors, such as the material of the panel, charging current, conversion efficiency, etc. You need to consider the waterproof performance of controller, the color temperature and color rendering of light source and so on. A good solar street light is combined by good components, but if one of the components get quality problem, the combined street light wouldn’t be good enough.
  3. Pay attention to the matching problem. Finally, it is necessary to learnthe specific configuration of the products, because the street light can work better based onreasonable configuration and perfect match.

To distinguish the quality of solar street light needs comprehensive consideration of many aspects, it is impossible to be done by single aspect. More importantly, you should choose a reliable solar street lamp manufacturers, which is the most efficient solution.  Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd are capable of solving the problem for you, looking forward to your call and pleasure to serve you.

Keep good heat dissipation for solar street lights can extending their service life effectively

It is well known that some machines and equipments will dissipate heat during use. If the heat is too high, or the heat cannot be effectively discharged due to the failure of any component, it will affect the normal operation of the equipment and even cause damage to the equipment. Although solar LED street lights generate a little heat during operation, we can’t say that it doesn’t generate heat at all. Since heat is generated, it is necessary to consider the problem of heat dissipation. If you do a good job of the heat dissipation for the solar street light, you can extend its service life effectively and avoid that it to be damaged too quickly.

Now, Juho Lighting would like to introduce you the way of dissipating heat for solar street lights.

  1. Apply heat-dissipating paint to the outside of the lightcap

When the light is working, the light cap is easier to generate heat. Spraying a soft ceramic heat-dissipating paint on the outside of the light cap can volatilize its heat on large area, thereby achieving the effect of dissipating heat to the overall light.

  1. External radiator

To provide a relatively stable working environment inside of the light, you can achieve the effect of heat dissipation by installing the physical radiator such as aluminum case and cooling fan. Help the light work properly by exhausting the excess heat. However, you need to pay attention to the aluminum shell which is electrically conductive when installing, so it must be done in relative insulation to avoid any accident and malfunction.

  1. Use thermal grease

Thermal grease is a relatively good thermal compound, nonconductive, and does not require excessive use conditions. It has high cohesiveness and superior thermal conductivity, which can well extract the heat inside the light, and effectively avoid the heat accumulation to affect the normal use of light.

For new energy products such as the solar street light, most people don’t know much about it. Therefore, we must take care of it in the process of using and do a good job of maintenance to make it serve us better and longer. About, Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. not only have expertise in the area of solar street light, but also provide the quality products. Any questions and needs, please contact us freely.