How to choose solar street lights to make it work better in rural areas?

As the new energy products, solar street lights are not only needed for urban construction, but also used more and more in rural development. However, the development of rural areas is generally not as good as that of cities. When choosing solar street lights, people will hesitate inevitably and be afraid of that the street lights can’t achieve the expected effect. So how do people in countryside choose solar street lights to make them work better and bring convenience?

  1. Cost-effective

The economy in rural areas is generally not developed, when people purchasing products, the first thing to value is usually the price. Therefore, when purchasing solar street lights, you can go to different manufacturers and shop around, in order to choose the more cost-effective product. It is worth noting that what we mean is the price/performance ratio, not just the price. If just pursuit low price, you probably will get those products with low quality, no worthy eventually.

  1. After sales service

Due to the underdeveloped rural economy, if the solar street lights require huge maintenance costs in later period, that will bring a heavy economic burden to rural customers. In addition to the purchase of better quality products, there is also a certain requirement for the after-sales service of the manufacturer. A good follow-up service can solve the problem better.

  1. Service life

When choosing solar street lights, you should also pay special attention to their service life, only the ones with long service life and good stability can bring stability to people’s lives. One of the keys is the battery components, so pay attention to the quality and service life of the battery when purchasing.

  1. Easy to install

Many roads in rural areas are not as spacious and flat as in cities, and some of them are even narrow and pitted. When purchasing, you can try to choose the products with slightly simple structure, which will reduce the trouble during transportation and installation, and save a certain manpower and material costs. After all, in rural areas, street lights are mainly used for lighting and no need of decorative effects.

When people in rural areas choosing new energy products, they usually need the comprehensive consideration from economy, environment and other factors, but in general, the use of solar street lights is conducive to long-term development. Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. Provide the cost-effective solar street lights, if you have requirement, feel free to call us!

Solar street light is energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but why its development has been blocked frequently?

As the new energy product, the solar street light is gradually becoming familiar to us, and we also know that they have great advantages compared with the city circuit light. But why are solar street light not used widely in the development of the new era? In fact, although the solar street light is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and conducive to long-term development, but its actual use is often blocked. Now let Juho Lighting explain the reasons for you.

  1. Insufficient technical ability

The working principle of the solar street light is to convert the solar light energy into electric energy, thereby energizing the LED light source, so the conversion rate of the battery panel is important. At present, the most common battery panels are two types: Polysilicon and monocrystalline silicon. The conversion rate of the former is not as good as the latter, but its cost performance is higher. The more important issue is that the domestic companies are almost relying on imported foreign materials for assembly, no matter for monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon. There are few domestic companes that can independently produce these two types of panels. As a result of the insufficient technical ability, the solar street light’s development is still blocked in China, and difficult to popularize in the short term.

  1. The expensive price

Although in the long run, solar street light is more cost-effective than city circuit light, but its initial investment cost is relatively high. It’s a difficult thing to do a huge invest like this at one time for most regions, especially the underdeveloped areas and poor counties. Therefore, solar street lights are not widely used.

  1. Environmental factor

Solar street light need to rely on natural energy to work, so it is affected naturally by natural factors such as weather. This restriction often makes some purchasers discouraged.

  1. Scope of application

The illumination range of the solar street light is relatively narrow, about 6-7 meters. If out of this range, the illumination effect is not so good, which limits its application range. It is not suitable for those places with high illumination requirements, such as tunnels, urban main roads etc.

Although there are certain factors that limit the development of solar street light, in general, solar street light is more suitable for the development of the new era. In the future, the new energy will also replace the old energy, and solar street light still has a bright future. Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to providing solar street lights with guaranteed quality, if you have demands, please contact us in time.

Solar street lights lead the new trends and promote the construction of new countryside

In the new era of rapid urban development, rural construction must also keep pace with the times. Up to now, our impression of many rural areas has been dark at night, no entertainment, unsafe to go out. If rural areas want to develop, the situation must be solved at first that it looks like we reach a place with nobody here once the night comes. Even if the nightlife in rural areas can’t be as abundant as in city, but at least it should meet the basic needs of farmers, such as the little entertainment of jumping square dance.

The rural economy is underdeveloped, it is unrealistic to lay large-scale urban circuit lights in rural areas, which will cost lots of money. Moreover, laying the city circuit lights is also a relatively large project, the channel excavation during installation process may occupy the farmland and bring economic losses to the farmers. But now, the drawbacks of the city’s circuit lights will no longer be annoying by using the solar street lights.

Solar street light is a kind of new energy street light, mainly relies on the sun as its energy source. It charges the battery during daytime and automatically lights up at night, which is convenient and environment-friendly. In fact, the advantages of solar street lights are far more than this, now let Juho Lighting explain to you the advantages of solar street lights compared with ordinary city circuit lights.

1.Price advantage

The city circuit lights need to lay a large number of pipelines, excavate channels, which will cost lots of manpower and material costs, and the use of the process also requires expensive electricity support; but the solar street lights do not need to lay pipelines, and also save electricity costs. From the long-term goal, the solar street lights have the price advantage over ordinary street lights and are in line with the economic development of the new countryside.

  1. Brightness advantage

The illuminance of the 60W solar street light is comparable to that of the 250W high pressure sodium light, but the power is reduced.

  1. Temperature advantage

Solar street lights will not generate high temperatures during use, so they will not appear the problem of turning black. Then the later maintenance of lights more convenient, and their appearance can keep beautiful, which makes them become the decorative objects in rural streets.

  1. Service life advantage

Compared with ordinary street lights, the solar street lights have longer service life. Solar panels have a lifetime of 20 years, and led’s lifetime can reach 50,000 hours. Long life is also a reflection of cost savings.

  1. Environmentalprotectionadvantage

Solar street lights don’t contain harmful metals. The spectrum is pure and doesn’t contain infrared rays and ultraviolet rays, won’t produce light pollution and cause any harm to the human body, which conforms to the modern theme of green environmental protection.

  1. Security advantage

Those street lights generating electricity by high voltage naturally have safety hazards in terms of electricity consumption. But solar street lights don’t have such hidden dangers, which make them safer to use.

Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. provides high-quality LED solar street lights, and is dedicated to providing customers with comfortable and satisfactory service, welcome to call us if you have any demand.

What consequences would low price war of solar street lights cause? How should the manufacturer deal with it?

As a new type of energy product, solar street light has attracted much attention due to its advantages such as green energy and environmental protection etc., and has gradually become popular among more and more buyers. Once there’s demand, there will be market, and then the unscrupulous black-hearted merchants will come and pursue benefit. Low price war has always been a means of marketing, and merchants have repeatedly depressed the price of their products, hoping to attract more customers. So, is it really desirable to lower the price simply?

Juho Lighting can tell you responsibly that low price war will bring bad consequences.

In order to keep the price down, some black-hearted manufacturers will cut corners and use some poor quality parts for assembly, so the quality of the products produced is not good enough naturally. Either the use age can’t meet the universal value of solar street light, or there are frequent failures during use, such as the light source is not bright enough, the battery can’t be charged fully. If more and more such defective products flow into the market, it will only make consumers have a bad impression on solar street light, thus affecting the long-term development of new energy street light.

As the saying goes, a mouse smashes a pot of porridge, and these manufacturers will also damage the entire market and ruin the reputation of solar street light. In this way, not only the development of solar street lights can’t be goes better, but also people’s daily needs can’t be satisfied better, which is unfavorable to both parties.

So, how should the solar street light manufacturers deal with low price war? The best way is to improve your own products. You can’t just focus on the price, the first thing a product should focus on is quality. Therefore, manufacturers should strictly control the quality of various accessories for solar street light, and strive to provide consumers with the product of good performance. The price is based on the quality, peruse high quality at first, and then rationalize the price on this basis, do not raise the price deliberately, or provide low quality product because of the pursuit of low prices.

In addition, manufacturers can continue to develop their own technology to achieve more possibilities for the use of solar street lights. Selling products and providing services are inseparable, manufacturers can provide customers with a good service experience. Under the dual control of quality and service, you’re capable to fight the manufacturers who use low price to attract eyeballs.

In this regard, Shenzhen Juho Lighitng Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of providing customers the products with excellent quality and reasonable price, and strive to provide satisfactory services to customers. If you have demand, welcome to contact us.

Why use LED as the light source of solar street lights? How to solve the problem of light decay?

As we all know, LED light is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly light source, which have been increasingly used in the lighting of industrial, commercial, home etc. With the economy developing, LED light have come to all corners of our lives quietly, and now it is also installed on solar street lights. However, the LED light may have the light decay problem, which will greatly reduce the brightness and affect the original function of the street lights. Then why should solar street lights use LED light source instead of other ordinary energy-saving lights and fluorescent lights? Now, let Juho Lighting answer your this question.

  1. Easy to install. The LED light source only needs to be installed directly. Even an inexperienced person can install it quickly witha manual.
  2. Low energy consumption. LED light source ismore energy-efficient than other light sources, consuming one-ninth the energy of incandescent lightand one-third of other light sources. Besides, its life span is much longer than other light sources. For a long time, its energy-saving effect is more obvious.
  3. Lighting effect. The LED light source is unidirectional, and the effect is better than other ordinarylight sources, so there is no such phenomenon as diffusion.
  4. Light color effect. As we all know, a great feature of LED light source is that it has a variety of light colors, which means it can bring a variety of effects.
  5. Other. The LED light source has the advantages of environmentprotectionand small glare, which are also the reason why we choose it. It is more in line with our living standards.

Although the problem of LED light decay is not very serious, it will bother people badly if appears. The reason why the light decay problem occurs is that the heat dissipation module of the street light is not able to dissipate heat well. In this way, when we buy street light, the heat dissipation function is also a factor we should notice. Only if the heat dissipation function is good, we can try best to avoid the light decay problem of the light source and its affection of the street light’s brightness. Moreover, once the light decay problem occurs, it will also affect the life of the street light.

In addition, the street light is basically used outdoors, which means that the outdoor environment will cause some interference. But now, most of the solar street light manufacturers will do anodizing or spray baking on the street light housing to provide a certain protection.