Football Field LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Are you thinking of replacing the traditional with LED lighting? Football is a popular sport that is played all over the world. There was a time when football was played outdoors only. In recent times, it is a sport that is played all day, both outdoors and indoors.

When it comes to lighting, it has a huge role to play, especially for indoor stadiums. A good LED lighting will keep everyone safe by illuminating the stadium properly. This has a direct impact on the performance of the players as well. It helps in increasing the vision of players and spectators. If the light is harsh for them, it will prevent them from performing well.

Since every sport has different requirements, no one type of lighting design can suit every stadium. This is the reason you need to focus on the lighting requirement when buying LED lighting. There are different types of LED lighting, making it a challenging and dreadful task to buy the right LED light for football stadiums.

In this post, we have made a comprehensive guide for football field LED lighting. Have a look!


The lights used in a football field are high-power lights, having enough power to illuminate the whole stadium. Good lighting will distribute the light across the football stadium well. Usually, the football stadium has lights on both sides.

No matter how big or small the stadium is, the right type of lighting is essential. A well-lit stadium will improve the vision of both, spectators, and players. The ball must be easily visible to everyone.


Before changing your traditional lighting for football stadiums, there are numerous things to focus on.

1. Power of LED Lights

The first requirement you should focus on is the power of LED light you will need. In order to have a better understanding of the power required, take a look at this example. The size of the football field is 105 x 68 m. The total area of the field might require 2,000 lux. This means total lumens required are 7,140 x 2000 = 14,280,000. The average luminous efficiency of the LED light is 140 lm/W. The minimum wattage required is 14,280,000/ 140 = 102,000 watts.

2. Brightness Level

One of the most important factors to consider is the brightness level. The lighting of the football field requires vertical and horizontal luminance. The vertical luminance is useful for the portrait of the players. On the other hand, horizontal luminance will cover the football field.

It is recommended that the football stadium should have 1500 lux for a vertical while 2000 lux for horizontal.

3. Compatibility of TV Broadcastingn

We are living in a digital age where 4K TV broadcasting is the norm. For allowing high-quality video and photo production, the LED light must offer good vertical and uniform luminance. It also requires you to put in efforts to reduce the glare of the lights. This is the reason why LED lights are an excellent choice.

Most LED lights have anti-glare optics that will eliminate the dazzling and flickering feeling. By using special lens cover and coating, the brightness level can be maintained at the same time, unwanted glare is reduced.

4. Uniformity of Light

According to the authorities of UEFA, the football field lighting should have uniformity between 0.5 to 0.7. The uniform distribution of light is measured through a scale ranging from 0 to 1. This factor has a critical role to play in deciding the lighting of a football stadium. It is because uneven lighting will adversely affect the eyes of spectators and players.

When it comes to achieving uniformity, it is not as easy as it seems. Since the light spot is rectangular or circular, there will be overlapping in certain areas and some areas will not have overlap. To provide uniform LED light, it must have less power and a smaller beam angle. You can even use the asymmetric design that will enhance the lighting distribution.

5. Pollution Problem

Good lighting for the football field should not lead to light pollution. This is because light leakage has a direct impact on the neighboring areas. The ground brightness of the stadium should be between 25 to 30 lux.

At Longtu Lighting, you can find all types of LED lights including lights for the Olympic Games and Premier League.

6. Height of the Roof

Another requirement for stadium light is the height of the stadium roof. The height must range from 30 to 50 meters. In order to have the best lighting, the loss of luminance must be minimal. An important thing to keep in mind is that loss of light is inevitable. 100% of the light beam is not projected on the football field. Nearly, 30% is scattered to the surrounding areas.

To resolve this problem, there are two easy ways. You can use better optics and increase more lighting fixtures. For example, you are required to have 10,000 watts to light up the stadium. This means you will need to have 12,000 to 13,000 watts to have the best outcome.

7. Lifespan

The lifespan of the lighting should be long as the light will be turned on at least 8 hours a day. LED lights are a better option because they have an average span of 80,000 hours. Moreover, they can last for 25 years with less to zero maintenance.

Longtu Lighting provides the perfect lighting solution for all types of the stadium. All the LED lights are of top-quality that are long-lasting.


Without a doubt, good lighting is crucial for unleashing the full potential of the stadium lights. You cannot just randomly place light poles across the field. there are some factors that you need to consider. Here are some of the most important factors.

1. Size of Football Stadium

For having accurate stadium lighting, you need to have the layout of the stadium and poles. This is the reason why a 3D model of the stadium is created. You have to keep in mind the more information you have, the more precise the lighting plan will be.

Mostly, the stadium has nearly 6-pole, 4-pole, or round roof lighting arrangements. Commonly, the height of the mast pole varies from 30 to 50 meters. When it comes to installing, the size of the stadium has an important role. The lights are installed in the stadium corresponding to 3D light poles.

2. Choosing the Right LED Stadium Lights

For lighting up a stadium for Premier League, UFEA, or any professional games, you will need plenty of high-power LED lights. Using the same setting or layout is not recommended for different projects. This is because the horizontal distance between pole and field, lux requirement, and pole height are different. It is the reason why every stadium has varying lighting settings.

The Longtu Lighting is a great LED light expert who will help you choose the suitable beam angle combination and power of LED lights.

3. Testing the Lighting

For improving the uniformity of light, the lights will be rotated using the software. The projection angle of every light is adjusted for optimizing the uniformity and brightness.

4. Photometric Report

Once the adjustment is completed, a photometric report is generated with excellent available luminaires and optics. This DIALux file contains isolines, false color rendering, and value charts. It helps in offering even and precise lighting for the stadium.


There are numerous factors to consider when picking the right LED light. Take a look at some of the most important factors.

1. Luminous Efficacy

One of the first things you should pay attention to is the luminous efficacy. LED lights are quality and durable lights that will reduce the maintenance cost. They are capable of using less quantity and low power of light.

2. Ani-glare Feature

Not many people focus on this feature. Glare causes discomfort both, players, and audience. This compromises the vision and playing abilities of the player. In order to see everything clearly, you have to get an LED light with an anti-glare lens.

3. Color Temperature

Another thing you should consider is color temperature. The general color temperature required for the football stadium is 4000K. However, mostly 5000K to 6000K color temperature for delivering better brightness and illumination.

4. Water Resistance Properties

The LED light must be waterproof and have an IP64 rating. This is because you will be able to use the light anywhere you like, outdoors and indoors.

5. Heat Dissipation

The LED lights are a better option for football field lighting because they will not trap the heat inside. If the heat is retained, the life span might be affected and will increase the risk of accidents.

In the end, football field lighting is an essential aspect that must be carefully planned. We hope this guide will help you choose an ideal LED light. If you still have a problem, Longtu Lighting is here to help you. We have a team of experienced and talented professionals who will put in their best efforts to help you design the lighting properly.

Baseball Field LED Lighting Guide & Solution

When it comes to a baseball field, there is no better way to illuminate it than by installing LED lights. Professional sports require bright lighting and that is why LED lights are extremely popular. Their presence has considerably grown in recent years. LED lighting was introduced in 2015 to the NFL bowl. In that same year, baseball also followed suit. One of the first stadiums to be lit by LED lighting was Petco Park in San Diego as reported by the LED magazine.

An extremely bright playing space is required for baseball league matches. There is a need for at least 1000lux for the outfield and 1500lux for the infield. On the other hand, if one compares the parking lot lighting, it can be seen that the lighting only produces somewhere around 30 to 50lux. A car showroom or a department store would make use of just 100 to 200lux for retail lighting. Hence, even retail outlets use less brightness as compared to a baseball field. LED stadium lighting is the solution to sport event lighting. There is a trend among sports organizations like the Premier League and FIFA to make use of LED stadium lighting. Many of the stadiums and events of the said sports organizations and more utilize LED stadium lighting for lighting up the stadium. The reason behind the popularity of LED lighting is that it allows athletes to play their best and athletes have a better chance of winning. As for speculators, LED lighting ensures that they enjoy an excellent visual experience. Moreover, LED stadium lighting also helps boost ticket sales as people get more out of their money.


Standard Level of Brightness For Baseball Field

The standard level of brightness for a baseball field depends on the purpose of the match. The infield requirement is more than outfield. Below are the international baseball field requirements depending on the purpose.

  • Recreation: The outfield requirement is 200lux and infield requirement is 300lux.
  • Amateur Game: The outfield requirement is 300lux and infield requirement is 500lux.
  • General Game: The outfield requirement is 700lux and infield requirement is 1000lux.
  • Professional Game: The outfield requirement is 1000lux and infield requirement is 1500lux.

Design of Baseball Field Lighting

In order for athletes to perform their best and for speculators to truly enjoy watching the game, glare phenomenon has to be minimized. When it comes to baseball field lighting, the layout is usually divided into outfield and infield. Illumination uniformity is crucial for effective design. The key to effective baseball field design is the positioning of the light tower in such a way so that the light does not disrupt the gaze of players as the move on the pitch, catch or bat.

Lighting Fixture Installation Height

When designing baseball field lighting, the installation height has to be considered. The lighting has to be positioned in such a way that there is no glare experienced by athletes on the field. The line of sight of the spectators and athletes has to be taken into account. Hence, the lighting design has to be made in such a way that the installation angle and height allows the athletes and spectators to easily see the baseball field.

Lighting Design For International Matches

The shadows of athletes and the stadium uniformity should be the focus of the lighting design. Moreover, the facilities of the baseball stadium should be visible throughout the match. The lighting design of the baseball field has to be divided into outfield and infield. The infield would require more illumination as compared to the outfield. Vertical surface illumination design is vital as it would the balls to be perfectly seen throughout the stadium.

Lighting Design For Broadcasting

Baseball is one of the most popular sports in the United States. It is a high-speed sport and that is why the perfect lighting is needed for the match to be broadcasted live. The lighting design has to take into account the broadcasting camera. The best way to ensure that the lighting design is ideal for broadcasting is by reviewing the location of the camera.

Design That Minimizes Light Pollution

The impact of outflow lighting has to be minimized. In order to do so, the lighting design has to be made in such a way that does not waste unnecessary light. Moreover, the light should not affect residential areas, drivers, or pedestrians who are outside of the baseball field. To minimize light pollution, outflow lighting should be calculated and the lighting should be redesigned to keep in as much as of the light as possible. This would reduce the outflow of light.


There are certain factors that have to be considered when designing the lighting for a baseball field. The factors will help give you an idea of the cost of designing the lighting. Learning more about the cost will help you ensure that you meet the budget. Shipping costs, installation fees, and even electricity cost should be taken into account. The following factors will give you a better idea.

Certificate of Origin

The world has become a global village. LED lighting can be exported from just about any part of the world. China and EU are the biggest producers of LED lighting. Learning more about the certificate of origin will allow you to know what to expect in terms of cost and quality. On an average, the cost of lighting from Chinese manufacturers for an entire baseball field is anywhere around USD 40,000 to USD 90,000. On the other hand, if one buys from North American or European markets, the cost would be 3 times as much.

Types of Lights

There are different types of lights. It is important to know which type of lighting one needs as each type of light has different features. Keep in mind that traditional lighting is a lot more affordable as compared to its LED counterpart. Moreover, changing the existing lighting can be costly. But, one should know that on an average LED lights have a lifespan that is 10 times more as compared to traditional lights. Furthermore, cost savings from LED lights should also be considered.

Running Cost

With LED lights, electricity cost reduction is guaranteed. One can easily expect up to 70 percent cost savings in the electricity bill.


There are certain factors that have to be considered in order to determine the best LED light for a baseball field. Longtu Lighting is a popular choice.

Cooling System

One of the factors that has to be considered is temperature. It is an enemy of any type of LED lights. LED chips can get damaged from persistent and strong hear. It could even lead to reduction in service life or brightness. Choose an LED light that has a cooling system and an air convection design such as the one provided by Longtu Lighting.

Anti-Corrosion & Waterproof

Outdoor lighting has to be more durable and should withstand water. This is why you should choose LED lighting that is anti-corrosion and waterproof. It will ensure that the lights withstand low and high ambient temperatures, as well as harsh weather conditions. LED lighting that supports IP66 is a good choice.

Optical Design

The optical design should be designed in such a way that the LED lights are able to minimize glare and any spill light. Longtu Lighting is known for enhanced central light intensity and its reduced residual light.

Light Pollution

Light pollution is a serious issue. The location of the stadium should be taken into account. In recent times, there are even laws in place that deal with light pollution. This is why you need to choose LED lighting that tackles light pollution. Longtu Lighting is a popular choice as the LED lights are equipped with an anti-spillage cover and are able to control spillage effectively. Thus, light pollution is avoided. Moreover, the anti-spillage cover helps ensure that utilization rate of light is maximized. Therefore, the baseball field benefits from maximum illumination and less light pollution in the neighboring environment. The best glare options are provided by Longtu Lighting.


LED lights need to be flicker-free to make sure that light is provided to the baseball field at all times. Longtu Lighting is known for its flicker-free LED lighting. It is ideal for slow-motion cameras and high-speed cameras. Furthermore, flicker-free lights help ensure that athletes continue to perform their best.

Minimized Maintenance Costs

Make sure to look for LED lighting that comes with a long warranty. Longtu Lighting is known for its long warranty LED lights. Moreover, the majority of LED lights offered by Longtu Lighting tend to last a long time. Lower maintenance costs should be expected when opting for Longtu Lighting. The company is dedicated to meeting the needs of baseball as a sport.

Basketball Court LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Wondering which type of light will be suitable for the basketball court? Thinking of using LED lights? Basketball is among the most popular sports in the world. It is played on many different levels and is one of the best activities for students.

The basketball court is a rectangular solid plane without any obstacle. For seeing the ball and performing well in the game, proper lighting is required. The light should offer sufficient and uniform luminosity. In addition, the light must be installed in a way that will not cause any hindrance to the vision of the players or the audience.

The market is filled with tons of lighting options; nonetheless, not every light is made equal. This is why you have to be careful when picking the right light for the basketball court. LED light for a basketball court is a great choice. This is because they are long-lasting and more energy efficient. This type of light offers uniform light, which will not obstruct the vision of the players, audience, or referee.

Choosing the best-suited light is not an easy task. To help you buy the perfect light, we have created this buying guide.


There is a plethora of reasons for investing in LED lights for the basketball court. Have a look!

Lifespan is Long

The best thing about LED lights is its lifespan. The average lifespan of LED light is 80,000 hours. If you turn on the light for 7 hours a day, it will last for 30 years. This means you will not have to frequently change the lighting. It will even reduce your maintenance and running costs. The brightness level of these lights is high.

Saves Energy

Another benefit of LED light is its energy-saving capability. Since LED lights have bright chips, the brightness it provides is 140 lm/W. When it comes to saving energy, it uses less electricity that means you can save 50% on energy expense without compromising the brightness.

Excellent Heat System

Traditional lights will trap heat inside the body of the light. This is not good as it will damage the lights. As far as the LED light is concerned, it has a great heat dissipation. The heat will not be retained in the light. It will even improve the performance of luminaires. The heat sink enables LED lights to last for a long time.


To have proper lighting in the basketball court, here are the lighting standards you must follow.


One of the requirements of basketball court lighting is efficacy. It measures the efficiency of the bulb, indicating lumens created for a watt of electricity used. LED lights are known to be efficient because they have high luminous efficacy. Luminous efficacy for the basketball court should be between 130 to 180 lm/W.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

For those who don’t know, the color rendering index is used for defining the color of light. This tells how accurately the light source will show colors. Light color has a direct impact on contrast and clarity. Mostly, the basketball court has CRI ranging from 70 to 85.

Lux Level

The most important factor you have to pay attention to is the brightness of the light. This will help the players and audience to have a clear vision. The light must also be evenly distributed. For recreational and backyard games, 200 lux is the standard. For a professional tournament, LED light with 1500 to 2000 lux level is more than enough.

Foot Candles

For those who don’t know about foot candles, you are in the right place. The official sports lighting standard is measured in foot candles. It indicates how much light you have for per square foot. The brightness of the court depends on the venue. The foot candle ranges from 50 to 100.

For instance, an elementary league will only require 50 foot candles while a championship game will require 125 foot candles. A local high school basketball court will need 75 foot candles.


The lighting standard and design for all types of basketball court varies.

Lighting Setting

Both outdoor and indoor basketball court has different lighting setting. For indoor basketball court, the LED light has the following arrangements:

  • The lights must be installed on both sides of the basketball court. It should have a belt pattern, which should be 1 meter above the field.
  • The LED light should not be installed above the circular area within 4 meters diameter of the basket.
  • The light should not be installed less than 12 meters.
  • Lights must not be installed in the stadium.
  • The light angle should be 65 degrees.

For outdoor basketball court, you should follow the below setting:

  • The distance between the realization of the arena and the bottom of the light pole should not be less than 1 meter.
  • The light must not be installed in the range of 20 degrees near the bottom line of the ball frame.
  • The angle between the ground plane and lamp should not be less than 25 degrees.
  • Ensure the height of the light meets the vertical connection between the middle line of the court and light.
  • There is no TV broadcast that is perfect for both sides of the basketball court.
  • The minimum height of the light is 12 meters and the height of luminaire should not be less than 8 meters.
  • It is crucial that the light post should not any hindrance in the view of the audience.
  • The symmetrical lighting setting should be installed on both sides to offer adequate lighting.

Lux Level

You have to consider the lux level of the LED light. The main purpose of lighting in the basketball court is to enhance the vision of the players and spectators. If the court is not well-lit, it will negatively affect the performance of the players. So, the lux level is essential.

Flickering Free Lights

The LED lights must be flickering free. This is because poor quality lights will strobe under the high-speed cameras. When you get quality LED lights, there will be less rate of flicker, nearly less than 0.3%. This is not detectable by the camera.

Have Photometric Report

The photometric report is crucial for designing lighting for the court. This is because you will be able to see a 3D model of your basketball court. It will enable you to see how it will look using LED lighting. You can change the optics and luminaries for choosing the best option.


When it comes to selecting the right LED light, there are many factors that you must consider.

Type of Light

Not all the lights are made equal, this is why you need to focus on the type of light. You have to make sure you are getting the right light for the environment. Whether you want LED lights for the indoor or outdoor basketball court, Longtu Lighting has it all.

Color Temperature

For basketball court, it is crucial to use the right color temperature. The 5000K color temperature is preferred for almost all fields. This offers similar energizing effects as natural light because it is closest to the daylight. If you want to have warm light, 4000K is recommended.

Lumens Per Watt

Lumens per watt is the true way to measure the efficiency of light. It shows the lumens produced using a watt of electricity. Though a higher efficient LED light might cost more, the savings are greater than the initial investment. This is because LED lights require low to zero maintenance. The lifespan of the LED lights is also higher, lasting for nearly 80,000 hours. This means you will not have to frequently change the light. Hence, you can maximize your savings.


Many people complain about the glare produced by LED lights. This causes irritation and discomfort for the audience and players. It is why you should get a light with an anti-glare lens. You should make sure the Unified Glare Rating (UGR) for the light is less than 19.

In addition, you have to keep in mind that the basketball court has a shiny surface. It means that it will reflect light, maximizing the glare in the court.

Longtu Lighting has a wide range of outdoor and indoor LED lights for a basketball court that decreases glare.


Therefore, basketball courts must be properly illuminated for both players and spectators to enjoy the match. Whether you have a court for recreational purposes or professional competitions, lighting has a huge role to play. In order to see everything clearly, the court should be well-lit. However, there is a lot of math that goes into deciding the best lighting solution for the basketball court.

Longtu Lighting provides LED lights that will decrease costs, overhead, and increase visibility.  We have a team of experts who have comprehensive knowledge about the lighting requirements for the basketball court. If you need any more information, feel free to get in touch.

Swimming Pool LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Swimming is extremely fun and healthy at the same time. Lighting is considered to be an indispensable aspect of swimming, regardless of existing maintenance or swimming pool installation. Longtu lighting is the best manufacturer of swimming pool LED lights. The company assists swimming pool owners throughout the buying to the design process to ensure that the perfect LED lights are selected. Moreover, Longtu Lighting also makes sure that the LED lights are positioned in the ideal place in order to achieve maximum light. This post offers the ultimate guide to swimming pool LED lighting.

LED lighting is the most popular lighting choice when it comes to swimming pools. It requires minimal maintenance and provides the longest life possible. LED lighting can take swimming pool lighting to the next level. Moreover, the perfect ambiance can be created for the swimming pool by using LED lights. Keep in mind that every swimming pool out there is different and if something works for someone, it might not work for you. There are different types of swimming pools such as water lagoons and simple geometric shaped pools. However, the principles of lighting are the same. This post will help you gain better understanding of swimming pool lighting, so that you can have the best swimming pool lighting.


When it comes to swimming pool lighting, there are various requirements that have to be considered. The proper lux level for the aquatic center or swimming pool is crucial as it ensures that the lifeguard and swimmers are able to see underwater and above the water clearly. Furthermore, the brightness regulation has to be followed in case the swimming pool has been designed to host professional competitions like FINA World Championship or the Olympics. The lux level should be around 750-100 lux for professional tournaments. The following lighting requirements are vital to ensuring that the swimming pool lighting is properly illuminated.

Spread of Light

The swimming pool lights depend on the spread of light and light reflection in the pool. The LED lights are required to placed at a distance of about 32ft for a spread of light of around 16ft. Keep in mind that the color of the LED lights as well as the swimming pool interior surface would affect the spread of light. The line of sight should also be considered as it would impact the spread of light appearance.

Color Absorption

When lighting the swimming pool, the interior color of the swimming pool surface must be taken into account. As a rule of thumb, the lighter the swimming pools interior color, the fewer lights that would be required for achieving sufficient amount of lighting. An equation that will prove useful is that for every 1 light required for a light color surface, 1.5 lights would be required for a darker color surface of the swimming pool.


There are various factors that have to be considered when designing the lighting for a swimming pool. By knowing about these factors, the design of the lighting will be most efficient.

Swimming Pool Lighting Brightness Level

The most important thing that needs to be considered when designing the lights for a swimming pool is the brightness (lux) level required. Normally, when it comes to public or private pools, the brightness level should be around 200-500 lux. Whereas for an Olympic-sized pool or an aquatic center, the brightness level can be anywhere around 500-1200 lux. The spectator area would require 150 lux.  At least 500 lux is the minimum brightness requirement for a recreational swimming pool. Professional swimming pools generally require a higher lux level as it ensures that the environment is better illuminated for photo shoots and video broadcasting. However, at the same time, it also means higher energy costs as more lighting fixtures would need to be installed on not just the ceilings and sides of the swimming pool, but also in the spectator area, the changing rooms, the equipment room, and other parts of the swimming pool compound. Sufficient brightness has to be maintained.

Wattage Required

Besides just the lux level of lighting, the power required also has to be determined. For instance, an Olympic-sized swimming pool would take up about 1,250 square meters, for each square meter, 1000 lumens would be needed. Hence, 1,250,000 lumens are required by multiplying 1,250 with 1,000 for lighting up the swimming pool. The luminous efficacy of the LED lights should be calculated to decide the right amount of lumens that will have to be produced. While on the other hand, the spectators seating area will require about 30-50 percent more lighting.

Positioning Of The Swimming Pool

The positioning of the swimming pool plays a huge role in how the LED lighting should be designed. Whether  there are ceiling lighting fixtures that face downwards or they face sideways. One has to first know the direction of the lighting. Normally, direct lighting causes considerable glare which impacts the vision of audience and swimmers. It can be especially frustrating for backstroke swimmers as their sight would be irritated by the light. The solution to this issue would be to mount the LED lights in a way that they are able to surround the pool side. This is where oblique illumination would be useful to lighting up the swimming pool. Water reflection would minimize the glare. Secondary reflection can also be used to light up the swimming pool. Secondary reflection is another great way to light the swimming pool. The LED lighting design would have to be made in such a way so as to ensure that the LED lights point towards the ceiling. The reflected light would help light the pool. The ceiling would act a light diffuser and would ensure that uniform illumination is provided. However, at the same time, it can be energy-consuming since a majority of the light produced would be absorbed and extra LED lights would be required.

CRI & Color Temperature

The CRI and color temperature should also be considered when  designing the LED lighting. When it comes to lighting inside the swimming pool, the color of light should not matter. The suggested color temperatures for various situations are mentioned as below.

  • Public/ Recreational Pool: The CRI should be 70, the color temperature can be anywhere around 4000K as the swimming pool is for non-televised purposes. The color of light would be similar to morning light.
  • Televised Competition Pool: CRI of 80 and color temperature of 5700K should be sufficient.

Special Considerations When Designing Lighting For A Swimming Pool

Fixture Body Material

Aluminum alloy material is the preferred choice for designing LED lighting. It is anti-corrosive and tends to last longer. Polycarbonate is used to make the lends. Longtu Lighting uses high-quality fixture body material to ensure higher durability.

Waterproof Design

Since most LED lighting for swimming pools is placed inside the swimming pool, it is crucial for the LED lighting to have a waterproof design. If the lights are not water-proof, they would need to be replaced more frequently.


Choosing the best LED lights for a swimming pool is not an easy task. The following factors should be considered as they will allow you to choose the best swimming pool LED lighting.

Ease of Installation

LED lights that can be installed easily should be considered. As most LED models are installed manually, choose LED lights that do not require a lot of effort. However, poorly constructed LED models take a lot of time to install. Fortunately, Longtu Lighting offers swimming pool LED lighting that is easy to install and suitable for most fittings.

Bright Lighting

The main job of LED lighting is to illuminate the swimming pool in order for swimmers and spectators to see clearly. It does not matter how durable the model might be if it is not bright enough to keep the entire pool illuminated. Choose LED lights that provide bright lighting.

Other Features

LED lights have many other features which most buyers tend to overlook. For instance, one of the features that should be considered is the ability to create different colors. A swimming pool that is illuminated with different colors will be well-received by kids. Another feature that is commonly ignored is dimming ability. Having dimming ability can be useful and could be used to create different effects such as for an opening or closing ceremony on the swimming pool.


Finally, in order to choose the best LED lights for a swimming pool, one has to look at the efficiency of the light. At the end of the day, efficiency is what most people pay for. Efficient LED lights such as the ones offered by Longtu Lighting are just what you need as they offer great energy savings and reduced operational costs. Besides, efficient LED lights are good for the environment and have a longer life.

Tennis Court LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Tennis is one of the most popular sports in the world. It is mostly played in North America and Europe, as well as other parts of the globe. If you have seen a tennis match, then chances are that you would have noticed the bright LED lights. There is no better way to illuminate a court, then by using LED lights. Besides, there are many solar-powered options. LED lights tend to be more durable and help conserve energy. They are a popular alternative to halogen or metal halide lights. Moreover, when one switches to LED lighting, they can expect the electricity bills to reduce by more than half while experiencing greater brightness.

When it comes to a tennis court, there is no alternative to LED tennis court lights. With a long warranty and better quality, LED lights are just what a tennis court needs. There are two main reasons why LED lights are commonly used. Usability and energy savings are guaranteed when LED lights are used. Furthermore, the playing experience is always better with LED lighting. Tennis court owners are aware of the importance of LED lighting and how they can optimize lighting using LED lighting. LED solutions such as tennis court LED lights are known for their ability to pay for themselves through cost savings.


As per the guidelines of the International Tennis Federation, both indoor and outdoor fields have quite similar requirements. Some of the main lighting requirements for tennis court lighting include light pollution prevention, color temperature, CRI, anti-glare, lighting uniformity, and ground brightness or the lux level. There are different types of tennis court which is why it is difficult to determine the LED lighting requirement without going through the parameters. It is vital determine where the tennis court has been designed for televised matches or a professional competition. For example, a tennis court that is classified as 1 would require ground brightness that is near to 500 lux. The suggested uniformity level would be at least 0.7. Moreover, the color temperature should be 4000K and the CRI close to 80. As the lighting standard rises, so does the cost of the LED lights. The more uniformity and the higher the power required, the more the price.


There are certain factors that should be considered when designing lighting for a tennis court. Some of the most important factors are mentioned below.

Higher Brightness

When compared to HID floodlights, LED lights offer greater brightness. The US government had conducted a survey and found that close to 40 percent of the tennis courts use HID, while the remaining 60 percent use LED lights. When compared to LED lights, HID lights require extra money to operate. It is due to this reason that more and more tennis stadiums and clubs are replacing mercury, sodium, or metal halide lights with LED lighting. The maximum wattage available for LED lights is 10,000 watt, whereas, only 1500-200 watt is offered for metal halide floodlights. Moreover, multiple sets of HID are required for replacement as compared to no additional requirements for LED lights.

Luminous Efficacy

Another important factor that has to be considered is luminous efficacy. In simple words, it means maximum output. As a rule of thumb, keep in mind that the higher the lumen the greater the brightness of LED lights. Energy-saving can be easily indicated by finding out the luminous efficacy of LED lights. To determine the luminous efficacy, it is best to divide the lumens by watts. It will allow you to figure out the amount of lumens that are produced for each watt of electricity required. LED lights will help save up on electricity costs.

Solar-Powered LED Lights

It is crucial to decide whether the LED lights should be solar-powered or not. Although, LED lights save a lot of electricity, it is always a great idea to invest in renewable energy options to save more on energy costs. By installing solar-powered LED lights, you can be rest assured that the LED lights will absorb energy from the sun and reuse it during the night. Normally, the battery should last anywhere from 3-4 hours depending on usage. Solar-powered LED lights are always a better option, especially in the long run.

Greater Durability

Durability is another important factor that has to be considered when designing the lighting for a tennis court. A great thing about LED lights is the fact that they offer a longer service life. If one looks at the life span of LED lights, they will notice that less frequent replacement is required. LED lights have a life span of about 100,000 hours, whereas their halogen counterparts only last 2,000 hours.


Outdoor tennis courts require waterproof LED lights. According to the standards, LED lights of at least IP64 should be considered as they would be able to resist water jets. LED lights are known for their waterproof features. Moreover, there is no filament, brittle glass, or gas discharge tube in LED lights.

Heat Dissipation

Whether the tennis court is indoors or outdoors, heat dissipation of lighting is crucial. The reason behind this is that without a proper heat dissipation system, the service life of the lighting would be reduced significantly as the heat trapped inside its body is harmful. LED lights normally produce less heat as compared to incandescent bulbs. The heat dissipation system of LED lights helps ensure that the heat makes its way outside the body of the lights.


Choosing LED lights is not an easy task. The market for tennis court LED lights is growing every year. Traditional lighting is being replaced by LED lights as they offer the ideal visual effect in a tennis court or any sports field. The following ways will allow you to choose the most suitable LED light for a tennis court. The main objective is to create a comfortable and bright environment where tennis players and spectators alike can have the best viewing. There are two types of tennis courts. Indoor tennis court and outdoor tennis court are the common types of tennis courts.

Understand the Reason Why Tennis Court Lights Are Required

The first thing that one needs to do is understand why tennis court lights are needed. One has to decide when the LED lights would be switched on and for how long. Next, you need to whether it is an indoor tennis court or an outdoor tennis court. The weather should also be considered. Without any lights, it would be impossible to play tennis during the night time. Moreover, daylight would not be sufficient for an indoor tennis court and would impact the performance of tennis players as well as their motivational levels. Extra lighting is always a good idea. It helps set the right mood.

Court Dimensions

In order to choose the right tennis court lights, one has to know the court dimensions. After all, choosing LED lights is not a DIY project. It is a one-time investment and hence, you need to be careful.

Level of Illumination

Only choose LED lights that provide the right amount of illumination. Good visibility is critical to progress of the match. Both spectators and players will appreciate a good level of illumination.

Illumination Uniformity

Next, when choosing LED lights, one has to ensure that the illumination is uniform throughout the playing field. Otherwise, it would lead to unrealized potential among players who would feel frustrated with the court.

Government Laws

In order to choose the right LED lights for the tennis court, relevant government laws must also be known. There are certain regulations in place which look at the lighting level of sports. Hence, it might be a good idea to consider contacting a professional LED lighting company such as Longtu Lighting as the company knows about the relevant laws. Besides, it is more cost-effective to know about the government laws before you make the wrong purchase.


There are various costs that need to be determined before you choose the LED lights. Some of the costs that should be taken into account include maintenance costs, running costs, installation costs, shipping costs, light costs, and etc.

Spill Light

More and more tennis court owners are becoming aware of light pollution. Governments have even imposed strict laws to control spill light. When installing LED lights outside, make sure to choose LED lights that minimize spill light and maximize light concentration.

Special Tips

The following tips will help you get an idea on how to choose the best LED lights

  • Make sure that spectators and players do not suffer from glare while playing.
  • Offer a clear visual view that is not influenced by illumination.
  • Ensure that the mounting height is anywhere between 8-12 m and not more for a single court.
  • The surrounding environment should also be considered so that there is no disruption in the area.

Hockey Pitch LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Ice hockey used to be played outdoors only in the past. It meant that the temperature had to be below zero degrees for ice hockey enthusiasts to play ice hockey. However, there was always the fear of the weather changing at just about any moment. Ice hockey matches had to be postponed if it the temperature increased and was more than zero degrees. This is where ice hockey rinks came into place. Artificial ice is used by an ice hockey rink. Ice hockey is played around the world and the majority of the tournaments are held at an ice hockey rink. Due to the emergence of the ice hockey rink, ice hockey can be played across the globe. It does not matter where one might be as ice hockey rinks can even be built in a desert. Urbanization has led to an increase in sedentary lifestyles and people are countering their unhealthy lifestyle by playing recreational sports.

Moreover, ice hockey is a sport that brings everyone together and allows them to be more active. Proper lighting fixtures such as LED lights are crucial for improving the experience. LED lights help save electricity costs and improve the overall environment so that the players and spectators get to enjoy the sport. A great thing about LED lights is that they minimize light pollution in the surrounding area. A major issue that hockey rink managers tend to face are the high maintenance and energy costs. Keeping ice rinks open can be expensive and might not be as profitable. However, by using LED lights, it is possible for maintenance and energy costs to reduce twofold.


Hockey pitch LED lighting is the ideal solution to hockey pitch lighting. It only requires a one-time investment and is cost-effective. Besides, LED lighting provides higher quality as compared to traditional lighting options. Just like any other sport, lighting plays a huge role in ice hockey. It create the desired ambiance without which spectators and athletes would not enjoy the game. Normally, ice rinks consume a ton of energy and lighting is the main reason for this. LED lights help reduce the lighting costs by more than half. But, to make the most out of the LED lights, it is important to know the lighting requirements for hockey pitch lighting. The following lighting requirements will help you use the ideal hockey pitch lighting.

Glare Rating

Glare has to be controlled in order for a comfortable environment to be maintained. Visual performance is improved by controlling the glare. This is why glare rating systems are used. The United Glare Rating (UGR) is one of the most efficient glare rating systems out there. It is used throughout the world. The UGR had been created for horizontal viewing such as in the case of ceiling lighting. On the other hand, in most sporting activities,  the direction of viewing is generally upwards. Therefore, ice hockey lighting requires anti-glare.

1K Rating

Also referred to as 1K code, the 1K rating is a rating of impact protection. The amount of protection offered by lighting fixtures is represented by the digits. Information regarding the level of protection against erosion. The longevity and toughness of the fixture is measured by the 1K rating. Lighting fixtures at an ice hockey rink require 1K rating as it is a high-traffic area. 1K rating is crucial for ice hockey as it is important for one to invest in the right lighting.


There are certain factors that have to be considered when designing the lighting for a hockey pitch. It will help ensure that the lighting is designed in such a way that it maximizes the effect of lighting. The following factors should be considered.

Uniform Illumination

The first factor that should be considered is uniform illumination. The lighting for a hockey pitch should be designed in such a way that uniform illumination is guaranteed. There should be no areas where there is too much light or too little light. Uniformity in illumination is vital as it ensures that athletes are able to perform their best.

Color Temperature

Another important requirement for designing hockey pitch lighting is color temperature. It is used for describing the characteristics of the light source color. Cool light is produced by LED lights and fluorescents, and warm light is produced by halogen and sodium lamps. Cool white light is available in 5000K (blue-white) and 3000K (yellow-white). Daylight is available in 5000K (blue-white) and 6500K (bright-blue). Although there is no compulsory light temperature, it is a good idea to opt for daylight or cool white light as it has a positive effect on productivity and mood. It is important to consider whether the ice hockey rink is reflective and the intensity of the light. Rubber flooring is used by many ice hockey rinks and it is not very reflective. Hence, higher color temperature can be used.

Color Rendering Index

The next requirement of designing ice hockey pitch lighting is the color rendering index or CRI for short. When considering LED lighting, it is important to look at the CRI. The CRI is used for measuring how well the lighting is able to make objects appear based on color. The main goal of the CRI is to tell the difference between natural and unrealistic lighting. In order to calculate the CRI, the light source is compared to a perfect light source such as sunlight. Keep in mind that the lower the CRI, the lower the quality of colors from the lighting or colors appearing as something unnatural. When it comes to a hockey pitch, the CRI should be about 80 or more.

Luminous Efficacy

The luminous efficacy should also be considered when designing the LED lighting for a hockey pitch. It allows for one to determine the efficiency of the lighting. The more efficient the lighting, the better the outcome. It is crucial to ensure that the design of the lighting takes luminous efficacy into account. It will allow you to design the most efficient ice hockey pitch lighting.

Heat Dissipation

Another important factor that should be considered for designing the LED lighting is heat dissipation. One has to ensure that the heat dissipation system is efficient to ensure that the heat produced from the lighting fixtures does not affect the fixtures in the long term as it could potentially reduce the life of the lighting fixtures. An efficient heat dissipation system will allow the ice hockey pitch to be used for a much longer time.

Light Pollution

Light pollution is a serious concern. It should not be taken lightly. When designing the ice hockey pitch lighting, make sure to control light spill. Inefficient control of light leakage will have an adverse effect. Spill light should be avoided at all costs. It is bad for the environment and impacts the life of people in surrounding areas. Moreover, spill light also means wastage of electricity an light.


Choosing the best LED light for a hockey pitch is not an easy task. However, when you choose Longtu Lighting, you can be rest assured knowing that the LED lighting that you choose for your hockey pitch will be of the highest quality. If you want to choose the best LED light for a hockey pitch, then the following things should be considered.


Quality is something that cannot be stressed enough. It is vital that you choose LED lighting that is of the highest quality. Although that might mean more investment, it would pay you in the long term. Quality LED lighting would require less maintenance and replacement. This will translate into lower operational costs. Quality should never be compromised. Choose high-quality LED lighting for the ice hockey pitch as it would last a much longer time and would offer greater energy savings.

Efficient Optical System

Choose LED lights that have an efficient optical system. The system should use multiple reflections to ensure that there is no light spill. LED lighting that ensures that the light is guided to the right location should be considered. Choose LED lights that effectively utilize light by about 98 percent or more. Only when the use of light is maximized, you will know which LED lights to choose.


Always choose LED lights that offer higher durability. The lifespan of the LED lights should be considered in order to choose the best LED lights. Many people tend to overlook the life span of LED lights and it is a mistake that can prove costly. As hockey pitch lighting is a huge investment, it is important to get the investment right, the first time around. There are many brands that offer lights which only last 2 or 3 years. It is vital to choose a company such as Longtu Lighting that offers maximum durability. Choose durable lighting to ensure maintenance and replacement costs are minimized.

Rugby Field LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Rugby is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. It is played in just about every part of the globe. The Rugby league is highly televised and internationally broadcasted. Lighting is crucial to rugby. The rugby field requires the best lighting and that is why LED lighting is commonly used for lighting up a rugby field.

Rugby can either played at an amateur level, club level, recreational level, or professional level. Sufficient lighting must be ensured if one hopes to enjoy a superb rugby match. LED lighting is the answer to rugby lighting needs. It has a long life of 80,000 hours.  Besides, LED lighting is more durable than HPS or HID lamps, and metal halide. The rugby field is also prone to rough weather conditions and that is why LED lights are mostly used. Whether there is a storm or just rain, LED lighting will keep the rugby field illuminated. Excellent quality LED lights work in low temperatures such as -40 degrees as well. LED lighting is known for its versatility.


When it comes to rugby field lighting, there are certain lighting requirements that have to be met. Generally, it is advised that the LED lighting should be uniform and bright. It offers many benefits. As there are many different types of LED lighting options, it is crucial to determine which LED lighting to choose. Visual obstruction should be minimized in order for athletes and spectators to enjoy the tournament.  The following will allow one to meet the lighting requirements for a rugby field.

Size of Field

When focusing on the lighting requirements, the size of the field has to be considered. By knowing the exact size of the field, one will be able to determine the appropriate lighting for the rugby field. There are different types of rugby fields and hence, the size of the field varies depending on the purpose.

Uniformity and Brightness

In order to meet the lighting requirements for a rugby field, the uniformity of illumination and brightness have to be considered. If the rugby field is dedicated to general commercial and recreational use, the brightness level can be anywhere between 250 and 300 lux. The total amount of lumens required can be easily calculated by multiplying the brightness level with the area of the field. For instance, if the field is 120 meters in width and 70 meters in length, then the lumens required for the rugby field can be calculated. In order to determine the amount of lumens needed, 250 lux would be multiplied by 120 meters and 70 meters. The brightness required would equal 2,100,000 lux. Keep in mind that a greater brightness level will be needed for a professional match and thus, 500 lux is sufficient for such a match.

The next lighting requirement is uniformity. A sports field such as a rugby field must have a lighting uniformity of at least 0.6. To achieve the desired illumination uniformity, the beam angle of the LED lights and the individual power will be taken into account. A rugby field that has uniform illumination will experience better athlete performance.


Great care is required when designing the lighting for a rugby field. It is important to ensure that there are no shadows that are projected on the field. The design and placement of the LED lights and reflectors must be done in such a way so as to minimize any shadows. Design plays a huge role in LED lighting effectiveness. It is crucial to get the design of the LED lighting right during the first time around. Longtu Lighting offers the ultimate high voltage solution. The standard voltage required for a rugby field is 100 to 277 V. As for high voltage required, 280 to 480 V is suitable. The following factors should be considered when designing the lighting for a rugby field.

High Power

A rugby field requires high power of about 130,000 lumens and more. The sports field has to be brightened using optics and high-powered LED lights. The best way to design the LED lights is by creating a model to determine the type of optics that would offer the best results.

Luminous Efficacy

A major factor that should be considered when designing the LED lighting is luminous efficacy. It is easily calculated by dividing the lumens by watt required. By comparing the luminous efficacy, the ideal design can be made. Lumens play a huge role and should be considered. A high luminous efficacy rating will allow rugby field owners to benefit from lower energy and maintenance costs. Moreover, the LED lights would need to be replaced less frequently.

Beam Angle

The beam angle is another important factor that has to be considered as it dictates light distribution. The illumination on the ground would be quite low if the light uniformity is too high and the beam angle is wide. However, light uniformity tends to be low when the beam angle is narrow as there would be a lot of dark spots despite the high level of brightness.

It is crucial to select lights with the right beam angle to ensure that the brightness level and light uniformity is optimal. A photometric analysis will come in handy when designing LED lighting for a rugby field.

Heat Dissipation

Another vital factor that influences the design of the LED lighting is the heat dissipation system. Heat can easily make its way into the LED fixtures and could damage them due to overheating. When designing the LED lights, make sure that pure aluminum is used as it offers the best heat conductivity. The higher the quality of the aluminum, the better conductivity levels can be experienced. An efficient heat dissipation system will help ensure sufficient air ventilation. There must be enough space between each LED chips row. It will allow for heat to be transferred from the fixture to the surroundings. Moreover, the heat dissipation system has to be dense and large.

Color Rendering Index

The CRI or color rendering index is a vital factor that has to be considered when designing the LED lighting. It measures how colors appear as compared to a specific light source. It determines the way an object appears.

As a rule of thumb, the higher the CRI, the better the colors appear to the human eyes. A CRI of 70 and above is sufficient for a rugby field. Longtu Lighting offers LED lights that have a CRI of 70 and more.

Heat Dissipation

Whether the tennis court is indoors or outdoors, heat dissipation of lighting is crucial. The reason behind this is that without a proper heat dissipation system, the service life of the lighting would be reduced significantly as the heat trapped inside its body is harmful. LED lights normally produce less heat as compared to incandescent bulbs. The heat dissipation system of LED lights helps ensure that the heat makes its way outside the body of the lights.

Glare Rating

Sports lighting design has to take the glare rating of the LED lights into account. Too much glare can make it difficult for the rugby players to perform their best and the spectators will have a difficult time concentrating on the match.

The vision of objects and details will also be impaired due to the glare. This is why it is important to ensure that the LED lighting meets the glare rating standards as set by the rugby council. Moreover, glare also decreases illumination for some parts of the rugby field. Longtu Lighting offers LED lights that use advance lenses to ensure that there is less light leakage and the light beam is focused.

Color Temperature

Finally, when designing the LED lighting, the color temperature has to be considered as well. The color temperature required for rugby field lighting is about 4000K. Our eyes can easily adapt to different color temperatures. However, proper correlated color temperature is vital to ensuring that the true colors are shown in all their glory. Furthermore, keep in mind that the color temperature influences the design of LED lighting.


A rugby field requires just the right type of LED light. This can make it difficult to choose the best LED light for the rugby field. There are certain factors that must be considered to determine which LED lighting is the best.

Energy Savings

The main factor that differentiates the best LED light from average LED lights is energy savings. It is the most important factor which one has to look at. As electricity costs tend to be on the higher end for most sports including rugby, it is crucial to ensure that only the best LED lights are selected which offer maximum energy savings. Longtu Lighting provides LED lights that allow you to take advantage of as much as 70 percent energy savings.


Durability should never be overlooked. When choosing rugby field LED lighting, also opt for the one that offers the most durability as it would translate to lower maintenance and replacement costs. Moreover, durable LED lights can be used for longer hours as compared to other lighting options. This makes durable LED lights the perfect choice for rugby. In order to determine durability, always look at the number of hours that the LED light will operate for.

Badminton Court Field LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Asian countries such as Malaysia and China. It is a game where two to four players use a racket and shuttlecock to bat between the net. Lighting fixtures are required by badminton courts, especially when it comes to indoor badminton courts.

It is crucial for the badminton tournament to have a comfortable environment where the badminton players feel comfortable to play and perform their best. The lighting impacts athlete performance. It is the most vital external factor. Moreover, the glare has to be minimized as it can easily blind the players. Hence, it is crucial for there to be an efficient lighting configuration in place. It will ensure the fairness and quality of the match.


When it comes to playing badminton for entertainment purposes, 200 lux requirement has to be met. About 750 to 1000 lux is required in a professional badminton court. LED badminton court lighting has to perfectly considered to ensure that the badminton players and spectators of the sport have the best viewing experience. Badminton court lights have to be adjusted according to natural sunlight that comes in the court.


Objectives of Lighting Design

Excellent conditions have to maintained by the lighting installation in a badminton court in order for players to perform their best. Following are some of the main objectives of lighting.

  • Need for an appropriate background/
  • Suitable color rendering.
  • Uniform illumination.
  • Sufficient illumination.
  • Restriction of glare and control.

Glare limitation has to be observed due to shuttlecock trajectory. The lighting should never be designed in such a way that it would affect the performance of players adversely. The high frequency of shuttlecock hits has made it compulsory for badminton as a sport to be accompanied with excellent lighting. Moreover, the shuttlecock is white in color and the net also tends to be white which is why it is crucial for the badminton court to be brightly illuminated.

Uniform Lighting

Sufficient lighting is compulsory in a badminton court. The first important thing is that the LED lights must be bright enough. The next element that is essential is illumination uniformity. If there is any uneven lighting, the area would be too bright or dim which would make it difficult for the badminton players to win. Spectators on the other hand would also be annoyed by uneven lighting. It is due to this reason that it is vital to choose LED lighting which guarantees uniform lighting such as the one offered by Longtu Lighting.

The company provides high powered LED lighting options. With Longtu Lighting, you can be rest assured that the badminton court will be evenly illuminated. Thus, the audience would never miss anything exciting during the badminton match.

Luminance has to be uniform as badminton is a sport that requires players to observe the shuttlecock from the floor level to above. The height of trajectory should be properly illuminated as poor illumination would make it difficult for players to hit the shuttlecock and determine where to hit.


Another important factor that should be considered is maintenance of LED lighting. Normally, LED lights have a life of over 80,000 hours which translates to over 27 years.  Unlike the metal halide lamps that only have a life of 5,000 hours, LED lights provide great value.

Moreover, there is no need for any maintenance or repair costs in the short-run. Normally, maintenance costs for LED lights tend to be close to zero. This makes LED lighting a great investment for badminton courts.

Heat Dissipation System

Heat is a major issue for LED lighting. Intense heat can easily damage the LED lighting at badminton courts. This is due to the fact that electronic components in the LED fixture do not have the capability to withstand deformation and high temperatures. This is why Longtu Lighting is the best option for badminton courts. The LED lights offered by the company have a unique design that allows the LED lights to withstand the heat and warm temperatures. Thus, the temperature is maintained.


When it comes to badminton court lighting, anti-glare lighting is compulsory. LED is a great option due to the fact that it can prevent glare. Longtu Lighting uses PC lens that ensures minimum glare from the LED badminton lamps. The company even provides customized services. For instance, unique anti-glare covers are provided that offer  a better visual experience to players. There are different LED stadium lights for the outdoors and indoors. It is important to choose accordingly. A considerable amount of upward viewing is required in badminton. Glare control is crucial to ensuring that badminton players are able to view upwards. A direct lighting system should be utilized to ensure that glare is controlled. Lower light outputs can be used to control the glare. There is always the option to use glare shields. Moreover, the light fittings have to be positioned in such a way that the normal line of sight is not near to the light fittings. It would prevent the shuttle from being seen difficultly. An indirect lighting system is the answer to glare control as it would ensure that the surface does not experience too much reflectance.

Modular Design

Another great advantage of LED stadium lights is its modular design. Man-made damage or any other unforeseeable damage has to be taken into consideration beforehand. The entire fixture cannot be easily replaced. However, the unique design of LED lights makes it possible for broken units to be taken out and for a new unit to be put in its place. Considerable savings in terms of time and costs are experienced because of the unique design of LED lights.


Badminton courts require waterproof lighting. This is why LED lighting is the preferred choice for badminton courts, especially when the court is outdoors. LED lighting of at least IP66 rating should be obtained.

Create The Ideal Environment

Reflection and colors of interior surfaces need to be considered when designing the LED lights. The contrast in brightness has to be minimized between the ceiling and light fittings. Whereas, the contrast in brightness has to be maximized. A high reflectance ceiling should not be used as it would increase luminance which would adversely affect the performance of badminton players.


If you want to know how to choose the best LED light for badminton, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Choose LED Light With The Perfect Fitting

LED lights of the right fitting should only be used. The good thing is that Longtu Lighting provides LED lights that are a perfect fit for badminton courts. If the LED light does not perfectly fit, it would cause problem to the environment.

The Right Bulb Color

The color of the light plays a huge role in performance. It is due to this reason that the right color should be selected. Normally, warm light is the best option in a badminton court. Other options include white light. The Kelvin scale is used for measuring the temperature of the light. The temperature of the light allows for the color to be measured. The higher the color rating when the light is closer to natural source. The color temperature sets the mood of a space. A warm white color promotes a relaxing environment. While, a white light promotes a productive environment. LED lights of a wide range of color temperatures is offered by Longtu Lighting. Some of the popular color temperatures include daylight white, cool white, daylight, warm white, and more.

Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index or CRI for short is another important factor that has to be considered when choosing an LED light. It is used for measuring the quality of the light accurately. The quality of the light source is measured according to the color rendering index to determine if it is close to natural light source. A higher CRI is the best option. Normally, LED lights that have a color rendering index of 85-90 are ideal. Light has many different frequencies and it is due to this reason that the CRI is extremely important. Natural light has the perfect balance between the frequencies and is best able to render different colors.

Non-Dimmable & Dimmable Lights

LED lights should be easy to dim. Dimmable lights help create a unique effect. LED lights are either non-dimmable and dimmable lights. Otherwise, an LED dimmer can come in handy.  Choose an LED light that is dimmable for the best lighting option.

Consider The Badminton Court

To choose the best LED lighting, one has to consider the badminton court. The size, layout, and design of the badminton court will help you decide which LED light should be purchased. By taking the badminton court into account, only the most efficient LED lighting would be used.

Race Track LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Racing is one of the most viewed sports in the world. Whether one watches ESPN or Star Sports, international tournaments like Formula 1 and NASCAR World Championship tend to dominate the television screens. The main reason behind the success of racing is LED lighting. Tracks require lighting to ensure the safety of not just the drivers but also the spectators. LED lighting provides uniform and bright illumination to racing tracks. It is the most commonly used lighting solution and has already replaced traditional lighting options such as halogen, mercury vapor, metal halide, and HPS lamps. Higher durability and greater efficiency is guaranteed with LED lighting. Even the majority of motor speedway lighting consists of LED.

LED lighting is the ultimate solution for lighting up racing tracks or arenas. It is the most popular lighting system. Besides, race track owners benefit from lower electricity and maintenance costs. Unlike in the past where blue colored hues were only produced by LED lights, the latest LED lights even offer white colored lighting which sets the perfect environment for race tracks. There have been massive advancements in the field of lighting technology and LED lighting has been at the forefront of these developments. LED lighting is more easily available than ever before. It is the preferred choice for not just residential but also commercial purposes. Race track LED lighting is elegant and perfect for both recreation and competition. It is used for the LED race arena lighting and race track fixtures. This post offers the ultimate guide to race track LED lighting.


There are certain lighting requirements for race track lighting. Make sure that the lighting requirements are met as race track lighting would not be effective in their absence. They will provide you with a better idea of race track lighting.


One of the main lighting requirements for race track lighting is durability. Night racing is extremely common and if the lighting stops working during a major tournament, it could lead to not just economic loss but also severe safety issues. This is why durability has is a requirement for race track lighting. The good news is that the best LED lights tend to last for 80,000 or more. Longtu Lighting offers highly durable LED light which last for about 22 years even on 10 hours usage daily. LED lights can save you a ton of money on energy and maintenance costs by replacing the fluorescent, HPS, mercury vapor, metal halide, and other traditional lighting. Durability is an essential for speedways that and race tracks that host races for 24 hours and more. Moreover, night races are the norm.

Light Pollution

Since most race tracks tend to hold night races, it is crucial to ensure that light pollution is minimized. If one chooses poor quality lighting, it would lead to scattered light beam that would leak out to the surrounding area. This creates two major issues. The first is that the level of central brightness would be much less, and the quality of lighting would have an adverse affect. There will also be a need to compensate for the loss of light through the need for extra lights. Furthermore, light pollution is a serious issue which governments around the world are taking strict action against.

Longtu Lighting offers customized LED lighting which is perfect for race tracks and speedways. It is made from a combination of lens covers, beam angles, and have different powers to ensure that light pollution is minimized. This results in the designated area experiencing more concentrated illumination.


Race tracks require anti-glare lighting solution. The latest LED lighting offered by Longtu Lighting leverages the most innovative system to provide unparalleled anti-glare lighting. It includes exceptionally uniform illumination, pinpoint lighting control for speedways and racing, and glare reduction. Moreover, the lighting must support 4K to make sure that HD filming can be done at night. As most international races are hosted during the night or at least last a long time and require live broadcasting. In order for HD filming to be done, 4K lighting is compulsory. Racetracks require anti-glare lighting technology that minimizes adverse environment impact like light pollution.


The design of race track lighting sets the tone for what should be expected. The effectiveness of LED lighting can either be maximized or reduced due to the design of race track lighting. This is why it is crucial to ensure that all of the important factors which influence the outcome of the design are considered. The following factors will help you design the best race track lighting.

Brightness Levels

Brightness is vital to an efficient lighting design for race tracks. High-speed vehicles need full concentration throughout the race track. There is always the possibility of an emergency occurring on the track which makes is important to have the right brightness level. When it comes to a racing track, the brightness level should at least be anywhere around 700 to 1000 lux depending on the requirements set by the racing association. For vertical and horizontal brightness levels, the requirement could be as much as 1500 to 2000 lux. Therefore, when designing race track LED lighting, the brightness levels have to be considered. Lux levels are found in two main types which are vertical and horizontal. The latter focuses on the ground brightness, while the former looks at the side lighting. In order to achieve optimal lighting, the ratio should be 1:1 for the racing venue. To determine the right brightness level, the height, area, and length of the race track should be considered.

Illumination Uniformity

Besides just the brightness level, illumination uniformity is another important factor that has to be taken into account when designing LED lighting for race tracks or even motor highway lighting. Uniform lighting is indicated by there being evenly distributed lux throughout the race track. The lighting should not be too bright or too dim as it would blind the racers and it might lead to an accident. Uniform illumination must equal to 1.

Normally, illumination uniformity of 0.5-0.6 is suitable. However, to improve the overall experience, 0.7-0.8 of illumination uniformity must be provided. It will provide a lighting experience that is unparalleled. A photometer report can be used to determine the ideal illumination uniformity required.

Color Rendering Index (CRI)

The color rendering index or CRI for short influences the design of LED lighting. In simple words, CRI is used to measure just how real the colors of objects appear under a given lighting. A perfect CRI would equal to 100 which the sunlight provides. The CRI is an essential parameter that has to be considered when designing the LED lighting for a racing track because a low CRI would cause accidents as colors would be distorted. A CRI of 80 to 90 is ideal for race tracks as it ensures that real colors appear.

Flicker-Free Lighting

In order to enjoy the thrill of the moment, flicker-free lighting must be provided. It allows each moment to be captured. Longtu Lighting offers LED lighting that use technology which ensures flicker-free moments. Furthermore, race tracks require flicker-free lighting as racers move at high speeds and everything has to be visible at all times.


It can be a difficult task to choose the best LED light for a race track. However, when you consider the following factors, you will be able to choose the best LED light in no time.


At the end of the day, longevity is one of the most important things that should be considered to choose the best LED light. It means that there would be lower maintenance and replacement costs. Longtu Lighting provides race track LED lighting that lasts for over 10 years. This translates to about 80,000 hours which is great investment if you come to think of it.

Energy Efficient

LED lights have to be energy efficient because race tracks require lighting throughout the night most of the time. The same holds true for motor speedways. LED lights that consume less electricity and are energy efficient should be chosen. They offer up to 70 percent savings on energy as compared to older lighting options.

Cost Effective

Race track LED lights should be affordable and available for the right price. LED lights that are cost effective are the better choice. Although LED lights in general tend to be cost effective, there are some companies that offer the most cost effective options such as Longtu Lighting. If the LED lights are cost effective, the race track can be better illuminated for lower cost.

Easy To Install & Repair

Finally, the best LED lights are the ones that are easy to install and repair. As race tracks and motor speedways tend to have a lot of lights, it is crucial for the lights to be installed or repaired in a short period of time.

How much does it cost to buy and install solar street light ?

Street lights are extremely important in our daily lives, so spending on street lights is necessary. Now the solar street lights are more and more advocated to use, which is more cost-effective than the city’s circuit lights in terms of long-term development. So how much do you know about purchasing and installing solar street lights? Let Juho Lighting answer this question for you.

The price of LED solar street lights is about one or two thousand RMB per set, and the cheap ones maybe hundreds RMB per set. The price of a product is definitely affected by many factors, such as brand, category, specification, market, material and so on. In order to purchase the cost-effective products, it is necessary to learn the knowledge of solar street lights in advance and shop around. Of course, solar street lights won’t be priced too low as one of the new energy products, if so, we should consider whether they have quality issues or other problems.

The installation of solar street lights on different roads has different requirements. On those remote streets where the residents are very rare, the interval between street lights can be wider, which is beneficial to reduce costs.

Solar street lights don’t require wiring, so a certain amount of engineering quantity and cost is saved, but of course, it still costs a certain amount of money for installation. Prior to construction, the truck is first required to load a variety of materials and transport them to the designated installation location. As for the specific quantity of materials and trucks, it depends on how many street lights need to be installed. Then, when the installation begins, we need the crane to install the lamp tubes, and use other machines for construction materials, such as the mechanical grinder, electric welder, etc.. After the installation, it is necessary to debug the circuit to ensure that the street lamp can work normally, for that, various instruments for circuit debugging are needed.

Throughout the process, it can’t to be done without the important performers – people. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the specific number of workers according to the quantity of work. The workers need to communicate during the construction process, so the walkie-talkies should be prepared, and some safety equipments in the project should be considered in advance too.

Before purchasing and installing solar street lights, we need to make a whole budget. Based on a thoughtful plan, we could not only avoid the temporarily situation, which may result in the installation project not being able to proceed as usual, but also save some unnecessary costs. But do remember we could never pursue cost-saving by cutting corners. Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. provides cost-effective solar street lights, welcome to purchase.