How much does it cost to buy and install solar street light ?

Street lights are extremely important in our daily lives, so spending on street lights is necessary. Now the solar street lights are more and more advocated to use, which is more cost-effective than the city’s circuit lights in terms of long-term development. So how much do you know about purchasing and installing solar street lights? Let Juho Lighting answer this question for you.

The price of LED solar street lights is about one or two thousand RMB per set, and the cheap ones maybe hundreds RMB per set. The price of a product is definitely affected by many factors, such as brand, category, specification, market, material and so on. In order to purchase the cost-effective products, it is necessary to learn the knowledge of solar street lights in advance and shop around. Of course, solar street lights won’t be priced too low as one of the new energy products, if so, we should consider whether they have quality issues or other problems.

The installation of solar street lights on different roads has different requirements. On those remote streets where the residents are very rare, the interval between street lights can be wider, which is beneficial to reduce costs.

Solar street lights don’t require wiring, so a certain amount of engineering quantity and cost is saved, but of course, it still costs a certain amount of money for installation. Prior to construction, the truck is first required to load a variety of materials and transport them to the designated installation location. As for the specific quantity of materials and trucks, it depends on how many street lights need to be installed. Then, when the installation begins, we need the crane to install the lamp tubes, and use other machines for construction materials, such as the mechanical grinder, electric welder, etc.. After the installation, it is necessary to debug the circuit to ensure that the street lamp can work normally, for that, various instruments for circuit debugging are needed.

Throughout the process, it can’t to be done without the important performers – people. Therefore, it is necessary to arrange the specific number of workers according to the quantity of work. The workers need to communicate during the construction process, so the walkie-talkies should be prepared, and some safety equipments in the project should be considered in advance too.

Before purchasing and installing solar street lights, we need to make a whole budget. Based on a thoughtful plan, we could not only avoid the temporarily situation, which may result in the installation project not being able to proceed as usual, but also save some unnecessary costs. But do remember we could never pursue cost-saving by cutting corners. Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. provides cost-effective solar street lights, welcome to purchase.

Using solar garden lights is expected to become a new trend, but there’re many cautions when purchasing and installing

In addition to solar street lights, solar garden lights are gradually appearing in people’s lives, and being applied to some high-end residential areas and villa courtyards. In the future, they are expected to become a new trend like solar street lights. Although energy-saving and environmental-friendly, the solar garden lights couldn’t be purchased and installed casually. Now let Juho Lighting explain the problems that you need to pay attention to when purchasing and installing solar garden lights.

  1. The first is choosing and purchasing the lights. In now days, solar lights can be used not only as the lighting tools, but also as theembellishmentsfor use scenes, so there’re certain requirements in appearance. We can choose the appearance and style of the garden light according to the style of the community and the villa, so that the lights can be integrated with the environment better, making the whole space look more beautiful. Then, there is also a problem of color temperature of the lights. We usually use warm color light source at the living place to provide us the feeling of warm. When the lights are turned on at night, they can bring warmth and care for people.
  2. Next is the installation of lights.The installation gap between the lights can’tbe arbitrary, even if for garden lights. If the gap is too small, it will easily cause the waste of resources. And if the gap is too large, a part of dark area will be formed, which will cause inconvenience for people. The better installation method is: For the roads larger than 6 meters, the lights can be arranged at both sides symmetrically or arranged as zigzag, the distance between the lights could be between 15-25 meters; And for the roads smaller than 6 meters, the lights should be arranged on one side, and keep the distance between 15-18 meters. This can not only achieve better lighting effects, but also will not waste resources.
  3. Solar lights are also affected by environmental factors, so in the north, weshould try to choose thebattery with better cold resistance. The battery can be buried underground when installed, which allows the garden light to maintain a relatively stable working condition.
  4. The problemsof lightning protection, waterproofing and anti-freezing are also required attention when purchasing and installing.Besides, we must pay special attention to the problem of anti-theft. Because the garden lights also have the effect of embellishing the environment, and usually looks more high-end, which may make them be the object of theft. Therefore, anti-theft measures are necessary.

In order to purchase a good product and have a good use effect, we need to know the cautions in advance when purchasing and installing. If you have more questions about this, feel free to contact Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. for service.