Badminton Court Field LED Lighting Guide & Solution

Badminton is one of the most popular sports in the world, especially in Asian countries such as Malaysia and China. It is a game where two to four players use a racket and shuttlecock to bat between the net. Lighting fixtures are required by badminton courts, especially when it comes to indoor badminton courts.

It is crucial for the badminton tournament to have a comfortable environment where the badminton players feel comfortable to play and perform their best. The lighting impacts athlete performance. It is the most vital external factor. Moreover, the glare has to be minimized as it can easily blind the players. Hence, it is crucial for there to be an efficient lighting configuration in place. It will ensure the fairness and quality of the match.


When it comes to playing badminton for entertainment purposes, 200 lux requirement has to be met. About 750 to 1000 lux is required in a professional badminton court. LED badminton court lighting has to perfectly considered to ensure that the badminton players and spectators of the sport have the best viewing experience. Badminton court lights have to be adjusted according to natural sunlight that comes in the court.


Objectives of Lighting Design

Excellent conditions have to maintained by the lighting installation in a badminton court in order for players to perform their best. Following are some of the main objectives of lighting.

  • Need for an appropriate background/
  • Suitable color rendering.
  • Uniform illumination.
  • Sufficient illumination.
  • Restriction of glare and control.

Glare limitation has to be observed due to shuttlecock trajectory. The lighting should never be designed in such a way that it would affect the performance of players adversely. The high frequency of shuttlecock hits has made it compulsory for badminton as a sport to be accompanied with excellent lighting. Moreover, the shuttlecock is white in color and the net also tends to be white which is why it is crucial for the badminton court to be brightly illuminated.

Uniform Lighting

Sufficient lighting is compulsory in a badminton court. The first important thing is that the LED lights must be bright enough. The next element that is essential is illumination uniformity. If there is any uneven lighting, the area would be too bright or dim which would make it difficult for the badminton players to win. Spectators on the other hand would also be annoyed by uneven lighting. It is due to this reason that it is vital to choose LED lighting which guarantees uniform lighting such as the one offered by Longtu Lighting.

The company provides high powered LED lighting options. With Longtu Lighting, you can be rest assured that the badminton court will be evenly illuminated. Thus, the audience would never miss anything exciting during the badminton match.

Luminance has to be uniform as badminton is a sport that requires players to observe the shuttlecock from the floor level to above. The height of trajectory should be properly illuminated as poor illumination would make it difficult for players to hit the shuttlecock and determine where to hit.


Another important factor that should be considered is maintenance of LED lighting. Normally, LED lights have a life of over 80,000 hours which translates to over 27 years.  Unlike the metal halide lamps that only have a life of 5,000 hours, LED lights provide great value.

Moreover, there is no need for any maintenance or repair costs in the short-run. Normally, maintenance costs for LED lights tend to be close to zero. This makes LED lighting a great investment for badminton courts.

Heat Dissipation System

Heat is a major issue for LED lighting. Intense heat can easily damage the LED lighting at badminton courts. This is due to the fact that electronic components in the LED fixture do not have the capability to withstand deformation and high temperatures. This is why Longtu Lighting is the best option for badminton courts. The LED lights offered by the company have a unique design that allows the LED lights to withstand the heat and warm temperatures. Thus, the temperature is maintained.


When it comes to badminton court lighting, anti-glare lighting is compulsory. LED is a great option due to the fact that it can prevent glare. Longtu Lighting uses PC lens that ensures minimum glare from the LED badminton lamps. The company even provides customized services. For instance, unique anti-glare covers are provided that offer  a better visual experience to players. There are different LED stadium lights for the outdoors and indoors. It is important to choose accordingly. A considerable amount of upward viewing is required in badminton. Glare control is crucial to ensuring that badminton players are able to view upwards. A direct lighting system should be utilized to ensure that glare is controlled. Lower light outputs can be used to control the glare. There is always the option to use glare shields. Moreover, the light fittings have to be positioned in such a way that the normal line of sight is not near to the light fittings. It would prevent the shuttle from being seen difficultly. An indirect lighting system is the answer to glare control as it would ensure that the surface does not experience too much reflectance.

Modular Design

Another great advantage of LED stadium lights is its modular design. Man-made damage or any other unforeseeable damage has to be taken into consideration beforehand. The entire fixture cannot be easily replaced. However, the unique design of LED lights makes it possible for broken units to be taken out and for a new unit to be put in its place. Considerable savings in terms of time and costs are experienced because of the unique design of LED lights.


Badminton courts require waterproof lighting. This is why LED lighting is the preferred choice for badminton courts, especially when the court is outdoors. LED lighting of at least IP66 rating should be obtained.

Create The Ideal Environment

Reflection and colors of interior surfaces need to be considered when designing the LED lights. The contrast in brightness has to be minimized between the ceiling and light fittings. Whereas, the contrast in brightness has to be maximized. A high reflectance ceiling should not be used as it would increase luminance which would adversely affect the performance of badminton players.


If you want to know how to choose the best LED light for badminton, you need to keep the following things in mind.

Choose LED Light With The Perfect Fitting

LED lights of the right fitting should only be used. The good thing is that Longtu Lighting provides LED lights that are a perfect fit for badminton courts. If the LED light does not perfectly fit, it would cause problem to the environment.

The Right Bulb Color

The color of the light plays a huge role in performance. It is due to this reason that the right color should be selected. Normally, warm light is the best option in a badminton court. Other options include white light. The Kelvin scale is used for measuring the temperature of the light. The temperature of the light allows for the color to be measured. The higher the color rating when the light is closer to natural source. The color temperature sets the mood of a space. A warm white color promotes a relaxing environment. While, a white light promotes a productive environment. LED lights of a wide range of color temperatures is offered by Longtu Lighting. Some of the popular color temperatures include daylight white, cool white, daylight, warm white, and more.

Color Rendering Index

The color rendering index or CRI for short is another important factor that has to be considered when choosing an LED light. It is used for measuring the quality of the light accurately. The quality of the light source is measured according to the color rendering index to determine if it is close to natural light source. A higher CRI is the best option. Normally, LED lights that have a color rendering index of 85-90 are ideal. Light has many different frequencies and it is due to this reason that the CRI is extremely important. Natural light has the perfect balance between the frequencies and is best able to render different colors.

Non-Dimmable & Dimmable Lights

LED lights should be easy to dim. Dimmable lights help create a unique effect. LED lights are either non-dimmable and dimmable lights. Otherwise, an LED dimmer can come in handy.  Choose an LED light that is dimmable for the best lighting option.

Consider The Badminton Court

To choose the best LED lighting, one has to consider the badminton court. The size, layout, and design of the badminton court will help you decide which LED light should be purchased. By taking the badminton court into account, only the most efficient LED lighting would be used.

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