Why Should You Choose Solar LED Flood Lights as Security Lights

As the LED technology makes new head waves, it is time to replace the traditional flood lights that we have used in the past with solar LED flood lights. There are many advantages to solar LED flood lights and knowing about these should encourage you to get them for your own home or business. They […]

Why solar lighting system is the best choice for parks, trails and playgrounds

For many years, parks, trails and playgrounds have been using solar lighting systems to illuminate the area without disturbing the surrounding areas. Since, power is an issue for most parks, there is a lack of lighting for night use. As we spend more time outdoors, it is important for the parks, trails and playgrounds to […]

How much does it cost to buy and install solar street light ?

Street lights are extremely important in our daily lives, so spending on street lights is necessary. Now the solar street lights are more and more advocated to use, which is more cost-effective than the city’s circuit lights in terms of long-term development. So how much do you know about purchasing and installing solar street lights? Let Juho Lighting […]

Using solar garden lights is expected to become a new trend, but there’re many cautions when purchasing and installing

In addition to solar street lights, solar garden lights are gradually appearing in people’s lives, and being applied to some high-end residential areas and villa courtyards. In the future, they are expected to become a new trend like solar street lights. Although energy-saving and environmental-friendly, the solar garden lights couldn’t be purchased and installed casually. Now let Juho […]

How to choose solar street lights to make it work better in rural areas?

As the new energy products, solar street lights are not only needed for urban construction, but also used more and more in rural development. However, the development of rural areas is generally not as good as that of cities. When choosing solar street lights, people will hesitate inevitably and be afraid of that the street lights can’t achieve the expected effect. So […]

Solar street light is energy-efficient and environment-friendly, but why its development has been blocked frequently?

As the new energy product, the solar street light is gradually becoming familiar to us, and we also know that they have great advantages compared with the city circuit light. But why are solar street light not used widely in the development of the new era? In fact, although the solar street light is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and conducive to long-term development, […]

Solar street lights lead the new trends and promote the construction of new countryside

In the new era of rapid urban development, rural construction must also keep pace with the times. Up to now, our impression of many rural areas has been dark at night, no entertainment, unsafe to go out. If rural areas want to develop, the situation must be solved at first that it looks like we reach a […]

What consequences would low price war of solar street lights cause? How should the manufacturer deal with it?

As a new type of energy product, solar street light has attracted much attention due to its advantages such as green energy and environmental protection etc., and has gradually become popular among more and more buyers. Once there’s demand, there will be market, and then the unscrupulous black-hearted merchants will come and pursue benefit. Low price war has always been […]

Why use LED as the light source of solar street lights? How to solve the problem of light decay?

As we all know, LED light is a new type of energy-saving and environment-friendly light source, which have been increasingly used in the lighting of industrial, commercial, home etc. With the economy developing, LED light have come to all corners of our lives quietly, and now it is also installed on solar street lights. However, the LED light may have […]

Several problems of the illumination of solar street light and the solutions

Solar street light is not as easily damaged as city circuit light, and the maintenance work is not too heavy, but there are inevitably some problems in the process of use. Now Juho Lighting let you know in advance the use process of solar street light, several common problems and their solutions of the street light illumination. The street light fails to light up Solar […]