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What is all in one solar LED street light?

Usually the solar street lights we saw on the roadside are coming with a prominent solar panels, light poles may also be hanging with a square battery box, this common solar LED street lights are called split solar LED street lights, and the concept of all in one solar street LED light ( also being called integrated solar LED street light ) just opposite.

Solar LED street light composed of light pole, solar panels, rechargeable batteries, controllers, LED fixtures five components, the five components of split solar LED street light are scattered, and they must be assembled one by one during installation.The all in one solar LED street light integrates all the components except the pole to make a lamp holder. This lamp holder is an independent intelligent power generation and discharge system. There is no need to carry out complicated assembly, just configure the lamp holder with a pole or arm, and then it can be used.

How does all in one solar LED street light work

The all in one solar LED street light is converting solar energy into electricity by solar panels, and then the lithium battery in the all in one solar LED street light is charged. In the daytime, even in cloudy days, the solar panel collects and stores the required energy, and at night automatically supplies power to the LED lighting fixture of the all in one solar LED street light to achieve night lighting.

At the same time, the all in one solar street light has PIR human body induction function, which can realize intelligent infrared induction control of light work mode at night, 100% bright when people appears, and automatically change to 1/3 of the brightness after a certain delay when there is no one, which saves more energy intelligently.

Advantages and disadvantages of all in one solar LED street lights

Advantages of all in one solar LED street lights:

1. Easy to install: It can be installed as long as you can screw the screws, eliminating the steps of installing brackets for battery and solar panels, installing lamp holders, and making battery pits for traditional split solar street lights, greatly saving labor and construction costs.
2. Novel and beautiful appearance: All in one solar street lights integrate solar panels and light sources, and some even integrate light poles, with diverse shapes, novel and beautiful.
3. Easy maintenance: The solar panel is integrated with the battery and the lamp holder, and it can be replaced directly when there is a problem, eliminating the need for troubleshooting procedures.
4. Energy saving: Generally, the all in one solar LED street light has human body sensor, which automatically reduces the power consumption when no one is there, and automatically increases the brightness when someone passes by, greatly saving energy.

Disadvantages of all in one solar LED street lights:

  1. The overall efficiency is affected by the intensity of local sunshine, and areas with insufficient sunshine cannot meet the needs of lighting.
  2. As the installation position is limited, the power of the solar panel cannot be too large, and slight obstructions will affect the power generation efficiency of the solar panel.

Where can all in one solar LED street lights be used ?

The application of all in one solar LED street lights depends on the specific installation environment and usage conditions. There are two reasons.

First, the solar panel angle of integrated solar street lights cannot be adjusted due to the integrated design, and can only adjust the overall orientation. In order to maximize the absorption of solar energy, the requirements for the installation environment are relatively high.

Second, because of the integrated design, limited by the size of the lamp holder, it is difficult for the integrated solar street lamp to increase the size of ​​the solar panel, resulting in the inability to achieve large lighting power.

Therefore, only places with superior lighting conditions such as parks, home courtyards, rural areas or some open areas, where lighting requirements are not great, can use unique integrated solar street lights to decorate the environment while meeting daily lighting.

Of course, all in one solar LED street lights technology are still constantly updating, and are constantly seeking breakthroughs in the field of solar street lighting. We believe that in the future, integrated solar street lights will be able to adapt to more complex environments and meet people’s increasing personalized and functional lighting needs.

How to design your own integrated solar LED street light project ?

  1. The first thing to do is to evaluate the area where these integrated solar street lights will be used and understand its climatic conditions as well as sunshine conditions.
  2. Where is your application? Is it used for highway lighting or non-highway lighting, non-highway lighting is usually park or community roads, etc.
  3. Are there any special requirements for brightness and installation? What is the approximate range of lighting you need to install?

Reference on how to choose right all in one solar LED street lights for rural area road lighting

  1. Selection for rural applications:

A). Installation height 5-6 meters: usually choose 40W all in one solar street light , which is characterized by high brightness and high effectiveness. It is very suitable for sidewalks such as rural areas, communities, parks, or highways with a width of 8-12 meters.

B). Installation height 4-5 meters: 20W all in one solar street light is usually selected, which is characterized by small or medium power and high cost performance. It is suitable for lighting of rural roads, roadway, sidewalks, communities, parks and other roads with a width of 6-10 meters.

  1. Installation evaluation: Installation is simple, you just need to lay the foundation with a straight rod and install it. Usually two workers can do the job without use large-scale equipment and do not need the guidance of technicians, and the installation can be done within ten minutes.