Area lights are fixtures that are commonly used in outdoor public Spaces. These lamps have a variety of applications, ranging from the building’s underground attractions to the street lights in pedestrian areas, such as squares, pedestrian areas, parking Spaces or other lighting applications of architectural environments, such as monuments, historic buildings, statues or other important attractions.

This kind of lamps and lanterns has fashionable appearance normally, confluence their art and practical demand. Since they are almost always used in outdoor Spaces, area lights require special design elements that make them resistant to various natural elements. LED area lamps have an almost endless variety of shapes, sizes and types of finishes. The smooth outline, rounded edges and elegant lines are unique to these lamps.

They provide a unique appearance, installed on sidewalks, causeways and lawn areas, and fully recessed and hidden. High durability extruded aluminum or cold rolled steel casing to ensure its firmness and gas resistance conditions or effects (such as road traffic in parking areas). Because they are usually used in the outer region, so the fixture has a strong resistance to rubber gasket to ensure the water tightness of all the year round, and extreme temperature fluctuations (40 ° C to + 50 ° C). There are also shock-resistant acrylic lenses, fitted with heavy screws, nails or clips, which are mostly used around roads, sidewalks, monuments or statues, historic buildings and pedestrian areas. They can be mounted on poles, beams, columns, ceilings, or they can be hung on wires or various other Settings.

Area lights offer both low-glare photometers that are very suitable for public places (such as sidewalks and squares) that usually require dim light, as well as high-glare units that are suitable for building connections around large buildings and monuments. Color temperature between 2800K warming lamps, 6000K and 7000K cooler and more powerful lamps, nominal 70CRI index.

These lamps can have a wide range of power, from 10W in the minimum unit to more than 200W in the complex high power unit. Smaller lights can have seven LED, while larger ones typically have 21 to 35 LED, and complex units have more than 50 LED. Due to various aesthetic requirements, LED zone lights can be offered in almost any color, from cyan, pink and citrus yellow to softer and calmer tones such as wine red or light blue. The lighting of the area lights is a key factor that can be customized and flexible for the customer.

Most area lights use a voltage of 120-277v with a strength of 50 to 60Hz (347V 60Hz or 480V 60Hz operation).Maintenance requirements are usually very low and many fixtures are designed with natural self-cleaning and self-cooling. The possibility of vertical adjustment is -10 to +10 degrees. Area lighting fixtures usually have a long warranty and the minimum life of the LED unit is 60,000 hours.

All in all, LED area lights are modern fixtures that add value to any public space, road, sidewalk, square or architectural detail. Thanks to the possibility of their design and installation, they can create a wonderful atmosphere and can truly serve as art.

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