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LED Flood Lights Product List

What is LED flood light?

The LED flood light is a point light source that can illuminate uniformly in all directions. Its illumination range can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it appears as a regular octahedron shape in the lighting scene.

What is the working principle of LED flood light ?

LED floodlights are the most widely used light source in the production of renderings. Standard LED floodlights are used to illuminate the entire scene. Multiple LED floodlights can be used in the scene to produce better lighting effects.

Features of Resun LED flood lights

LED floodlights are actually made up of LED chips, but Resun LED flood lights has some unique features:
1. High-purity aluminum reflector, with the most accurate light beam and the best reflection effect.
2. Symmetrical narrow-angle, wide-angle and asymmetric light distribution systems.
3. The light bulb can be replaced with an open-back type, which is easy to maintain.
4. The lamps are all attached with a scale plate to facilitate adjustment of the irradiation angle.

Advantages and disadvantages of LED flood lights

The advantage of LED flood light is that the light area is large, the light is scattered, and it can achieve the biggest lighting effect in the small space.

The disadvantage is that the light gathering effect is not strong, and it cannot be projected to medium and long distances. The light intensity is not very high.

However, Resun LED floodlights are designed to avoid all these shortcomings, the improved LED floodlights are currently the mainstream lamps for outdoor lighting and advertising lighting.

Where can Resun LED flood lights be used ?

Resun LED flood light is controlled by a built-in microchip. In small engineering applications, it can be used without a controller. It can achieve dynamic effects such as gradation, jump, color flashing, random flashing, and gradual alternation etc. It can also be controlled by DMX to realize the effects of chasing and scanning.

Its main application places are probably these: construction sites, aerial work vehicles, squares, parks, art places, factories, stadiums, golf courses, shops, subway platforms, gas stations, buildings, sculptures, green lighting and decoration lighting for other places.