A spotlight is a concentrated light that concentrated lens or mirror. The spot light type of the reflection lamp is relatively simple, illuminance is strong, illuminative degree is narrow, the light that facilitates the specific area in the scene is concentrated illuminate, it is a kind of lamp that studio and studio use most.

The difference between LED spotlight and ordinary spotlight is that LED beads, while the traditional bulb is made of multiple LED beads in the traditional light box, generally divided into 36 beads and 54 beads. Due to low prices, incandescent and fluorescent spot has long been the user’s preferred, but LED spot market share has been steadily increasing in recent years, because of the global semiconductor prices dropped sharply since 2000, incredibly low power LED semiconductor compounds having internal ability, lighting effect is greatly increased. In addition the LED small size to allow more flexible in the light container allocation, give more centralized spatial light distribution, especially for large-scale sports and entertainment venues is of crucial importance.

In addition, the service life of traditional spotlights such as cold light lamp, transmission lamp and tungsten lamp is usually in 200-500 hours. LED spotlight has a longer life, and its life is estimated to be about 50-100 times that of other bulbs. In fact, a study conducted by the university of Cambridge showed that some LED last for 11 years, in contrast to the average lifespan of fluorescent and incandescent bulbs, which typically last 1,000 and 8,000 hours respectively.

While early LED were sometimes criticized for their low lumen output (a candela of light per second in an area/a spherical time), over the past few years they have easily outstripped the output of fluorescent, incandescent and even halogen bulbs. Manufacturers also add to the allure of LED spotlights by making off-the-shelf replacement models for existing fluorescent or incandescent bulbs. In addition, as with any new technology, the LED spotlight manufacturing process will continue to produce more efficient, powerful and durable models. Modern high-power LED spotlights produce 10 to 60 percent higher illumination at a lower cost, saving 23 percent (compact fluorescent) to 83 percent (incandescent). Mid-range LED spotlights typically provide 140 to 300 lumens of white light, which can only be matched with higher ranges and more expensive light variants.

The power consumption of light productivity of LED spotlight is amazing lowly. Commercial and household LED spotlights are powered by direct current (DC) or multiple d-cell batteries (usually alkaline) from a 120v-240v power supply. Tests have shown that each LED in the spotlight requires only 0.3w of energy to produce about 100 lumens of light. To achieve this scale, only the halogen spotlight can be approached, with a clock frequency of 12.5w per 100 lumens. Longer battery life is particularly useful for placing LED spotlights in high or hard-to-reach locations. In addition, several models have wireless capabilities that can be accessed using a remote control.

LED spotlights are known for their uniform and warm dispersion. The dispersion field used for LED is usually fixed at an Angle of 15 to 45 degrees, allowing the optimal array configuration to produce more focused and denser beams. The LED’s emission is also closely related to the sun’s natural white light wavelength.

Compared with other forms of lighting, LED spotlights are usually constructed with fewer components, weather-resistant housing and tightly sealed design features, which are very suitable for the strict requirements of outdoor. Most of the spotlights are usually used for outdoors, so it needs to be very resistant to weather and accidental damage. LED spotlights equipped with motion sensors have been widely used in commercial and high-end residential buildings. The fast activation time of the LED makes it a perfect match for sensitivity and remote motion sensors (30-100 feet).In addition, repeated activation and shutdown will not cause performance problems with the LED spotlight. However, since the performance of LED is affected by high operating temperatures, the equipment is usually equipped with radiators to absorb excess heat.

In summary, LED spotlight is small in size, low in heat, long in life, solid light source, no inflation, no stroboscopic, and maintenance-free. In the same illumination, LED spotlight is 8-10 times more energy efficient than traditional spotlight. Is the stage, studio lighting ideal lights.

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