An inground lamp is generally a lamp embedded below the ground for lighting. It is also known as floor lighting underground, especially when it involves similar lighting that takes place indoors. The difference is that LED inground light and LED light are using LED technology or not rather than the general standard lighting technology.

The main purpose of floor recessed and floor lights is to highlight the path of outdoor buildings and garden areas in the creation of pilot lights. They also take full advantage of building and landscaping features, defining private and public Spaces and reducing the size of lighting products. Because their technical components disappear below the surface, only light can be seen. Not all underground lights are designed to use the best lighting. As a result, LED buried lamps are the best type of these lighting fixtures because they produce the best light to use space in tone and color rendering. They also have the best light performance, ensuring a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The LED technology is introduced into floor lighting to meet the demand of combining energy efficiency and light quality. To ensure optimal performance in terms of energy efficiency, invariant color, and service life, LED are chosen from among the best in the world. Select technical options and materials that allow LED underground lights to be installed outdoors, aiming to optimize human damage and weather resistance. Special care must be taken to avoid water infiltrating the shell of such lighting equipment, even in very bad weather such as ice, snow and rain. To ensure the effect of each LED inground light, reflectors, optics and lenses that produce various lighting effects are required. The range of effects provided by this effect should start with the wall wash effect to uniformly illuminate the vertical display surface and wall, focusing the beam for lighting details or small objects.

Inground lighting is a kind of LED buried lamp. They provide ground lighting by making the light point from the ground. The lamp is designed to highlight points in the landscape, such as architectural features and cherished plants. Ground fixings will vary depending on the design and the object to be highlighted. For example, a small factory may need to use several underground lights at 3W rated power. Or a set of plants or sculptures may need to use a few lights of 1W to 6W rated power.

Plug-in the ground street lightings are another of the most striking and common users of underground lighting. This type of lighting focuses on creating guides on both sides of a driveway, sidewalk or path. It has two main uses; Keep visitors away from light areas for safety reasons; For decorative purposes. Unlike other types of outdoor lighting, underground LED lights should be placed fairly low. They usually use light emitting lamps with a soft luminous effect. Many of the underground path lights should not be used in a single area because they will form the runway appearance of the airline.

The underground lamp is another kind of LED underground lamp. The normal rated power of the LED of these lamps is lower than the rated power of the uplink lamp. The normal rated power of these lamps is between 1W and 6W. However, low power rating of the lamp is needed to achieve the desired effect. Most underground lighting manufacturers give their customers a choice. Some customers, especially those in the construction industry, may need to make their underground lights and styles based on specific designs. In this case, they will have to consult various lighting manufacturers to see the manufacturing companies that can meet their needs, so that customers can choose the LED’s design, shape, power consumption and color.

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