Street lighting is an important part of urban lighting. LED street light, kind of roads lighting with LED bulbs integrated for lighting the streets. LED street lights are popular illumination most streets for developed and developing countries.

Compared with traditional street lights, what make they differ with modern street light is the LED bulbs. They are typically referred to as integrated lights just due to the fact that their component and stars are a single part. Throughout the manufacturing process, using the heat sink to complete the protection, a move that incorporates the system, and complete the fixation of the LED light set on the panel.

There are more designs have been produced that put integrate LED bulbs actually into a road light. The latest trend is the use of 1 watt high power led bulbs. But some companies still use low-power LEDs in their products, and some manufacturers even package many low-power LED bulbs together to achieve the same functionality as individual high-power LED bulbs. The shape of this street lamp is determined by several factors, among which the most influential is its appearance. The radiators are equipped with LED bulb, and the hot water tanks used by all LED street lighting manufacturers use amplifiers and computers similar to cooling electronics. For the heat dissipation function of bulb, make radiator has as many groove as possible. The service life of all LED street lamps is directly affected by the radiator heat exchange area. Compared with the original design specifications, the life of most LED based street lamps depends on their light output. Once its brightness has been reduced by 30 percent, this kind of street lamp can be considered to achieve its purpose while ignoring the problem of energy consumption. A large number of these lights have a lens on their LED panel.

The lens is designed to provide light in a rectangular pattern. This is an advantage over any conventional street lamp, as the traditional lamp users a reflector on the back of the high-pressure sodium lamp. In this case, a large amount of light is usually lost, causing light pollution not only to local air but also to the surrounding environment. These streetlights can be dangerous because they can dazzle drivers and pedestrians. The only drawback of LED focus boards is that most of the light is directed onto the road, with little effect on other areas, such as sidewalks. The disadvantages can be effectively solved by using adjustable mounting bolts and special lens design.

Compared with other street lighting technologies such as MH (metal halide) and HPS (high pressure sodium), the main attraction of LED streetlights is energy efficiency. LED streetlamps based on 100-110lm/w output LED can usually produce higher brightness or similar brightness to traditional lighting. They also require half the power of a conventional lamp. In addition, LED lighting usually does not fail in a manner similar to normal lighting. Instead, its output is reduced to invalid and must be replaced. Since LED street lighting fixtures typically produce less watt light (also known as lumens), it is important to include well distribution lighting patterns. This will ensure the same lighting effect in traditional fixtures with higher lumens.

Unlike conventional street light, LED street light adopts low voltage dc power supply, characterized the properties of efficient, safe, energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life, fast response, high color rendering index, etc. The LED street light is mainly used in distance, branch, factories, schools, gardens, such as city square, garden road lighting.

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