The rapid development of expressway traffic leads to the increase of tunnel demand. LED tunnel lamps have the characteristics of long service life, good stability, safety and high lighting efficiency, which make the demand of tunnel lamps increase gradually.

LED tunnel lamps are manufactured using advanced materials, technology and light sources. Manufacturers clearly know the importance of these because tunnel lighting is not quite the same as regular road lighting. For example, harsh environmental conditions such as vibration, noise and vehicle exhaust will affect tunnel lighting. With this in mind, tunnel lighting manufacturers must redouble their efforts to discuss the design in order to come up with the best tunnel lighting system for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to create a safe environment.

Our LED tunnel lights provide a reliable, safe and environmentally friendly construction, such as a case made of stainless steel. Transparent area is made of reinforced glass, making lamp dustproof and waterproof. Their unique structure allows them to work well in humid or hot environments.

While they may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, LED tunnel lighting has some similar features. First, they are 85% or more efficient. This means they are 85% less powerful than the power used by regular lamps. Second, they beam Angle is 90 °, vertical axis horizontal axis is 100 °. To complete the distribution of light using the beam curve pattern, they require an input voltage of AC 85-264v / 277V.Finally, their lifespan is about 50,000 hours.

The best LED tunnel lights are those that have reached 114-1,221 m/W. When the voltage of 3.2v is available, the power supply of this LED tunnel lamp will receive 320hA.This means the power used is 1.024W.In a project using 56 such lights, the total power is about 60W.When using ordinary light bulbs for the same calculation, the difference is slightly higher. For example, if the total length of the straight tunnel is 736 meters, the tunnel using LED lights will be divided into three lighting areas (according to the HPS installation plan).The highlighted area is the distance from the entrance to 30 meters in. This area has an illumination of 80Lux.30 meters to 60 meters inward is known as the moderate brightness region, located at 50Lux.The 60 to 96 meters inward is known as the transition zone, with a illumination of 40 lux. In the middle of the tunnel is a low brightness area, 30 Lux lighting.

At night, the light fades, leaving the entire tunnel in the low light zone of 30Lux.When LED tunnel lights are used in this case, the entire system will require 103.40 pieces are used at each end of the tunnel. They will be intelligently controlled to ensure that they adjust their brightness according to the amount of light available. The remaining 63 pieces will be used in the middle and run 24 hours a day without interruption.

This is just one example of how LED tunnel lights can prove effective in most tunnel lighting projects. It is recommended to consult leading LED tunnel light manufacturers before making a decision. The consultation will ensure the success of the project by creating a design that USES a minimum amount of lighting to get the best lighting results. It is prudent to keep in mind that the design of the tunnel has an impact on the lighting required, as the curvature of the tunnel also needs to be considered. In addition, we can also design special tunnel lamps to meet customer requirements.

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