Led underwater light, also known as led underwater lamp, refers to the light installed under the water. Similar to some underground light, It has a small appearance but with more installed chassis. The chassis is fixed with screws. As the LED underwater light is used under the water, it needs to bear certain pressure, so it is generally made of stainless steel, 8-10mm toughened glass, high-quality waterproof joint, silicone rubber sealing ring and other parts, and it has the functions of waterproof, dustproof, anti-leakage and anti-corrosion.

Compared with traditional underwater lighting, LED underwater lighting has many advantages because of its longer service life and lower energy consumption, while enhancing the beauty of areas such as swimming pools and fountains. These waterscapes are often designed as a focal point for landscaping to beautify and enhance the value of homes and commercial property. Underwater lighting presents safety challenges as it involves the use of electricity in water. With this in mind, the underwater light manufacturer ensures that the product complies with IEC 60529 safety standards to prevent discharge and other risks. In addition, LED underwater lights can operate at low pressure, which is usually around 12 to 220 volts to ensure the light output is not affected, and the LED produces enough light and produces the desired effect in any application. To further improve safety and avoid the risk of electric shock, it is recommended that buyers use the 12/24v external drive when installing the light.

Traditional underwater lamps use halogen lamps as the source of light. Compared to LED lights, halogen lights consume about 250 watts of power and have an average lifespan of just 1,500 hours, compared to 50,000 hours for LED lights. This not only helps consumers spend less on energy, but also eliminates the hassle of constantly changing light bulbs. LED underwater lights also perfectly meet the requirements of green buildings, as the products are made of non-toxic materials.

To work effectively while submerged in water, LED underwater lights should be highly resistant to corrosion and waterproofing. In order to make the LED underwater lamp achieve good waterproof effect, the protection effect of LED underwater lamp should be more than IP67, and the lamp can be placed below 5 meters from the water surface. The best Angle of light is 25. This also helps to ensure the light’s durability against water damage. In most products, lighting fixtures are made of high quality corrosion-resistant stainless steel or aluminum alloy. Aluminum is coated with electrostatic powder to prevent corrosion. The light body adopts high-quality PPT plastic and silicon gasket to prevent the light from overheating. Products installed in outdoor applications, such as swimming pools or outdoor aquariums, are equipped with anti-theft keys. In addition, lighting efficiency is achieved by including professionally designed optical systems. Property owners who regularly hold poolside activities can choose to install LED lights in the pool. These lights produce a range of colors, especially at night when they create a dreamlike effect.

Traditional halogen pool lights come with special color filters that can produce color effects, meaning the lights may limit the use of a variety of colors or effects. However, the technology used in LED colored lights provides more variety in terms of color. The color-changing light can produce many different patterns and rhythms that can be programmed to change intermittently. In addition to decorative lighting, some LED underwater lights are made for deep water and diving applications.

These lights are ideal for water sports and are designed to be similar to other LED underwater lighting products.

These lights are made of extremely durable materials and have high heat resistance, shock resistance, corrosion resistance and shock resistance. The manufacturer works with submarine manufacturers to develop lighting products that provide lighting under various underwater conditions, meaning that light can be adjusted to the user’s preferences, depending on the submarine’s location and location. The light can work continuously under water, at a depth of about 300 meters, in the air. With consistent use, these lights can be up to 70 percent efficient and last 50,000 hours. Lightings of this kind also have a variety of light colors, they provide enough light for the user to produce an 80-degree beam of light to focus objects clearly, up to a depth of 6,000 meters. LED underwater lights can also be used for submarine applications.

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