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LED Underwater lights Product List

What is LED underwater light?

Led underwater light, is a kind of underwater light, simply refers to the light installed under the water, the appearance is small and exquisite, beautiful and generous, the appearance is similar to some inground lights, but with an additional mounting chassis, the chassis is fixed with screws. Because LED underwater lights are used under water and need to withstand a certain pressure, they are generally made of stainless steel, 8-10 mm thickness tempered glass, high-quality waterproof joints, silicone rubber sealing ring, curved multi-angle refraction strengthened glass; with features of waterproof, dustproof, anti-leakage and corrosion resistance.

Advantages of LED underwater lights

1. The LED underwater light uses low-voltage power supply to ensure the safety of the underwater lighting. LED underwater lights are suitable for installation in various places, flexible and convenient, and the installation angle can be adjusted freely.
2. The lighting effects of LED underwater lights have monochromatic light, internal control colorful change, external control colorful change, internal control colorful change means that the internal chip of the power supply has a program to automatically change the colorful effect, and the external control colorful depends on the external controller to complete the colorful effect, you can set the desired colorful effect according to the customer’s favorite effect.
3. The shell of the LED underwater light is made of high quality stainless steel, which has a very long service life, will never rust, and will not corrode. The waterproof effect of the LED underwater light reaches a very high level to ensure the safe use of the product.
4. LED underwater lights have various colors, such as red, green, blue, white, warm white, yellow, purple, etc. It can bring colorful, crystal clear and colorful landscape colors to fountains, rockeries, pools, etc. in squares, parks, and villas.

The various advantages of LED underwater lights make LED underwater lights be used in more and more scenic spot lighting, not only can drive out darkness, prevent danger, but also bring unexpected beautiful effects to the landscape. The colorful LED underwater lights effectively beautify people’s living spaces, bring beautiful colors to the night city, and play an irreplaceable important role in urban lighting projects.

Where can LED underwater lights be used?

LED underwater lights are widely used in pools of city squares, fountains, water sculptures, waterfalls, swimming pools, rivers, aquariums, artificial fog scenes and other places; it can also be applied to places where LED spotlights are used.

How to install LED underwater lights ?

First, fix the underwater light firmly;
Second, when installing a large number of underwater lights, you can choose several power supply. Please consider the current load and power supply voltage drop of each cable ( power supply ) , and choose a cable with a suitable cross-sectional area and length;
Third, connect the cable reliably;
Fourth, confirm that the installation is correct and there is no electrical short circuit. Wrap the unused connectors with waterproof tape, and then connect to the corresponding power supply.