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LED Wall Washer Lights Product List

What is LED wall washer

LED wall washer, as the name suggests, allows the light to wash through the wall like water. It is mainly used for architectural decoration lighting and also used to outline the outside of large buildings.

Advantages of LED wall washer

Flexible power: The power of the LED wall washer determines the projection distance. Common used LED wall washer light power are 18W, 24W, 36W, 72W. But the power is not fixed. The power can be flexibly changed according to customer or engineering requirements.
Flexible driving: LED wall washer can be driven by DC and AC electricity respectively. Generally, the built-in power supply is externally connected to AC220V/110V grid electricity. If the power supply is externally connected, it is generally powered by low-voltage DC24V, DC12V, etc. According to different requirements and different manufacturers, the driving method is also different.
High protection level: This is an important indicator of the quality of LED wall washer. Generally, all LED wall washers have a protection level above IP65, and require high pressure resistance, crack resistance, high temperature resistance, impact resistance and aging resistance.
High and low temperature resistance: Since LED wall washer is usually used outdoors, the temperature requirements are also relatively high. Under normal circumstances, Resen require that the outdoor temperature is between minus 40 degrees Celsius and 60 degrees Celsius, and our LED wall washer light can work normally.
Green lighting: Compared with ordinary lighting, LED wall washer has a strong energy-saving effect on the basis of modern high-tech research and development, so it has achieved green lighting and environmental protection.
Strong visual effect: while designing the LED wall washer, we have pay attention to the light effect of the product. The product is processed with non-linear light effect to achieve clear light effect and bright pattern in use. And the color of the light is also very rich and natural, brings an extremely comfortable visual effect. So it is very suitable for installation in public places. And the wall washer has a unique color change function. It can make the products look more gorgeous and attract more people’s attention in commercial applications. Therefore, such a LED wall washer is very popular among people.

Features of Resun LED wall washer:

1. Use mature high-power LEDs as light source.
2. Long service life, more than 50000 hours.
3. The LED wall washer is made of high-quality aluminum alloy shell with excellent heat dissipation.
4. Large projection angle adjustment range and high brightness.
5. There are fixed screw holes, universal interface, easy to install.

Control methods of LED wall washer

For LED wall washer, there are currently two control methods: internal control and external control. Internal control means that no external controller is needed. The designer designs the control system into the LED wall washer lamp, and the degree of effect cannot be changed. With the external controller, its effect can be changed by adjusting the buttons of the external control. External control system usually used in large-scale projects, which customers can change the effect by themselves.

Where can the LED wall washer be used ?

LED wall washer is very suitable for floodlighting of internal and external walls such as government lighting projects, commercial venues, stages, meeting rooms, display lights, ancient buildings, cultural squares, overpasses, building exterior walls, architectural landmarks, etc.

How to install LED wall washer ?

1. Do the pre-installation work according to the location of the LED wall washer fixture and power supply; adjust the irradiation angle of the wall washer during installation, and fix the lamp fixture firmly with screws.
2. Connect the lamp and the power cord firmly, and wrap the unused thread with waterproof tape; when wiring, keep the number of wall washer in series at about 5~6 to prevent the back-end voltage drop when there are more series.
3. After the installation is complete, please check the installation circuit first to confirm that the installation is correct and there is no electrical short circuit, then connect to the corresponding power supply; if there is a problem during the installation, please consult a professional technician.