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Hiflood Series Solar LED Flood Lights

Floodlights are highly popular and are used for all types of applications. They are a specific type of lighting, which are designed to cover areas with high amounts of artificial lighting. Mostly larger places such as parking lots, sports fields and arenas use the lights. However, they are also used for smaller spaces like driveways, houses, gardens, backyards and others. There are different types of floodlights that are available. The most commonly used options are LED bulbs, halogen and incandescent. They come in various watts, colors and sizes depending on the needs of the area and situation. Solar LED flood lights are widely used as the ideal lighting solution to provide lighting for various commercial and private properties.

What is Solar LED flood light ?

Solar LED lights are a type of flood light that uses solar panels to receive and store solar energy for later use. The main benefit of solar LED lights is that they use sunlight and it is free. This is why it is considered an economical choice to save electricity costs. Furthermore, it is perfect for cut-off locations where there are no electrical power sources.

The LED diodes have become the most popular bulb for solar flood lights. The LED bulb uses technology that allows for less energy to be consumed and is affordable to maintain since it lasts much longer than other options. The light efficiency of the LED helps the solar lamps as more work time is provided to the flood light due to it using less energy.

Application of Solar LED flood lights

The solar LED flood lights are more durable, convenient and economical than the traditional lighting options. Less than 70 percent energy is used by the solar LED flood lights and they are easy to mount anywhere there is natural sunlight. The freedom that is offered by the solar flood lights makes it the ultimate choice. There are various applications of the light.

There are two types of solar panels for the solar floodlights which are attached and remote. This means that two different choices are offered by the lights. Remote solar panel fixtures are more common as they are more convenient anywhere where there is more sunlight. However, it can be agreed to more convenience is offered by the attached solar panels as they don’t need to be installed separately.  There are various applications of solar LED floodlights as mentioned below.

  • Security light: Motion detectors can be used to enable the solar LED lights to automatically switch on when it gets dark. The lights are perfect for security purposes as they illuminate the entire area with plenty of light.
  • Gardens: The floodlights can be used for gardens as they are perfect for showing off your herbs and plants. They can easily be placed in the garden to provide lighting.
  • Commercial lighting: They can be used for various commercial lighting situations. The store signboard is an example of its application.
  • Parking lot lighting: One of the best places, to use solar LED lights is open parking lots. They help ensure that all the cars remain secure.
  • Backyard night lighting: They are perfect for backyard night lighting as they will automatically switch on when it gets dark and will keep you and the neighbors safe.

Advantage and disadvantage of Solar LED flood lights

There are various advantages of solar LED flood lights and a few disadvantages.


  • The LED diodes use less energy meaning that you benefit for energy efficient lighting.
  • The lights are more durable and require less maintenance.
  • They have a life expectancy that exceeds 50,000 hours which is more than 6 years if you think about it.
  • Besides the initial investment and low maintenance, there are no costs as there is no need to pay electricity bills.
  • Better brightness is provided by the lights.
  • Less heat is produced which makes them an environment-friendly option.


  • Might seem costly in the short-run.
  • They need battery replacements from time to time.

Factors to consider before buying solar LED Flood lights

When buying solar LED flood lights, there are certain factors which need to be considered.

  • Sunlight: The first thing which needs to be considered is where the light is located. Direct light is needed for the lights to function at their full potential. They are limited to areas where there is plenty of light.
  • Height: The height of the flood lights needs to be considered before the installation. It depends on the place where optimum lighting can be used. The footage would need to be calculated to figure out the cover.
  • Illumination Area: The illumination area has to be calculated from the angle and height of the lighting.
  • Position: The lighting position is vital as it is where the sunlight would come in and the area which would be illuminated by the light. The position would be determined depending on the application of the solar LED lights.
  • Bulb Type: Solar flood lights can be found using the LED diodes as it helps saves energy. The bulb type needs to be considered.
  • How long would the light last: The resting period and the illumination period needs to be considered so as to ensure that only those lights are purchased which provide lighting for the required period.
  • Light or motion sensitivity activated: There are two types of solar lights which includes the motion activated sensor and other which is not. Motion activated sensors are perfect for security purposes.

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