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What is solar LED garden light

Solar LED garden lights are lighting products that combines solar energy technology and energy-saving LEDs. The appearance is exquisite, convenient and practical, and simple to operate. It also has a built-in high-performance LiFePO4 battery pack with a capacity of 32-420WH. It uses solar light source conversion for charging, which is fully improved quality of life in areas without electricity.

How does solar LED garden light work

Solar LED garden lights mainly rely on solar panels to generate electricity. The electrical energy is stored in the battery through the solar controller. There is no need for manual control. It can automatically turn on and off according to the light level in spring, summer, autumn and winter, and the charge, discharge, on and off operation completely intelligent and automated control.

Advantages of solar LED garden lights

1. Easy to install
Solar LED garden lights do not need wiring or plug in power, you don’t even need to insert batteries in it ! Just twist the screw lightly to fix it on a telegraph pole or external wall.

2. Low operating cost
Solar LED garden lights can run freely. The LED lights are completely powered by the sun, so there is no need to replace batteries or use grid power for a long period of time (5-8 years). You just need to install them and let them do their own thing !

3. Long service life
Solar garden lights use LED as the light source. Compared with traditional garden lights that use tungsten filament or high-pressure sodium, it has the characteristics of no filament, no fear of vibration, and resistance to breakage. The service life of LEDs can reach 50,000 hours, while the service life of traditional lights is mostly only 1000-8000 hours.

4. Environment friendly
Solar LED garden light does not contain harmful elements such as mercury and xenon, which is conducive to recycling and utilization, and will not cause electromagnetic interference ( ordinary lamps contain elements such as mercury and lead, and electronic ballasts in energy-saving lamps will cause electromagnetic interference ).

5. High safety factor
Ultra safe 12V low voltage, with small working current, even if people directly touch the power supply, they will not get an electric shock. So it is very safe.

Disadvantages of solar LED garden lights

1. The biggest disadvantage of solar LED garden lights is the high production cost. Due to its diverse shapes, complex and delicate craftsmanship, it takes a long time to produce and a lot of raw materials. Although solar LED garden lights show exquisite manufacturing processes, this means that labor costs will be much higher, so the cost will be higher. The more complex the solar LED garden light, the higher the cost.

2. Their output power is much lower, which means they emit less light than commercial LED garden lights. Therefore, if you want to brightly illuminate a certain area in the garden, solar LED courtyard lights are not the best choice.

3. The light output may depend on the weather. Cloudy and rainy weather will reduce the battery power, in autumn and winter will shorten the continuous working time for 1-2 days, resulting in lower light output and shorter duration.

When would you choose solar LED garden lights?

Solar LED garden lights can make courtyards, parks, playgrounds, etc. picturesque. It can continuously illuminate for about 4-5 days after a full charge, and work for 8 to 12 hours a day. Its working hours can also be designed according to the special requirements of users.

Taking all factors into consideration, the best use of solar garden lights is decoration and lighting. Use them to highlight a feature, illuminate the edge of a garden path or terrace area, or create an atmosphere in an outdoor dining area.

Therefore, solar LED garden lights can be used for lighting and decoration of urban roads, commercial and residential communities, parks, tourist attractions, and squares. The mains lighting system in the above-mentioned places can also be transformed into a solar lighting system according to user needs.

Factors to consider when buying solar LED garden lights

The purpose of garden lighting is of course to emit light, so the first thing to consider when choosing a solar LED garden light is those that directly affect the light output, followed by the convenience of installation.

Solar panels

The first feature to look at is the size of the solar panel. The larger the solar panel, the more charge it can provide during the day, so the greater the light output and duration.

Battery life

Most solar LED garden light manufacturers provide different battery specifications to avoid fierce market competition. You need to determine whether the battery life is sufficient to meet the changing requirements of your local weather.

Dusk to dawn light sensor

Most solar LED garden lights have dusk to dawn light sensor. At dusk, the solar LED garden lights will automatically turn on; at dawn, the solar LED garden lights will automatically turn off, but others require manual operation. Confirm before buying whether the solar LED garden light you purchased has this function

IP rating

IP stands for protection level, it tells you the resistance of the lamp to dust and water. For outdoor lights, we suggest IP65 rating, which is weatherproof.

Installation convenience

One of the main selling points of solar LED garden lights is its convenience and ease of use. If the installation requires multiple screws, you may need to consider other options!


Before purchasing, please check the manufacturer’s warranty period. The longer the warranty period, the greater the manufacturer’s confidence in product quality and the longer the service life.