Solar led lights that store energy from sunlight during the day and light at night. It doesn’t need complicated and expensive pipeline operation, it can adjust the lighting layout arbitrarily, it doesn’t need manual operation, it is safe, energy-saving, pollution-free, and it saves electricity and maintenance.

During the day, the sun shines on the solar panel, causing the solar module to generate a certain range of dc voltage, which converts the light energy from the sun into electricity, which is then transmitted to the intelligent controller. After the over-charge protection of the intelligent controller, the energy from the solar module is transferred to the battery for storage. At night, when the solar module fails to receive sunshine and its output dc voltage drops to nearly zero, the intelligent controller automatically turns on the control device to provide electricity to the led chips, so as to make the led source emit sufficient brightness for lighting. When daylight breaks, the solar panels receive sunshine to generate voltage, and the smart controller automatically switches to charging mode. The solar led lamp is mainly composed of solar cell module (solar panel), led lamp head, control box (with built in controller, battery) and lamp pole.

One of the most important parts of a solar lamp is a solar panel, as it will be used to convert solar energy into electricity. LED solar lights come in two types of solar panels; Poly-crystal and single crystal. The main difference between the two is the conversion rate, poly-crystal plate conversion rate is lower than single crystal. The LED chip is used as the light source for all LED solar lamps. They usually provide higher lumens while using lower energy consumption. LED lighting consumes at least half as much energy as halogen lighting. Halogen is the most commonly used type of light source at present.

Batteries are an important part of any solar power system. It will store electricity generated by solar panels during the day and power lamps at night. The LED solar lamp has its own battery and has different life cycle. The life of the battery is very important, because it will affect the whole life of the lamp. The standby life of the LED lamp is affected by the battery capacity. Typically, these systems use two types of batteries; Lead acid batteries and gel batteries deep cycle batteries.

The controller is another important component of the LED solar lamp. The controller usually determines when lighting and charging should be turned on/off. There are currently two types of controllers. The first is an automatic controller. It decides on proper dimming, lighting and charging time. The second is the programmable controller, which asks the user to decide the appropriate time for different tasks.

LED solar lights have many usages. Usages can be divided into two broad categories; Indoor and outdoor use. Indoor LED solar lamps have 2-10 LED. They are powered by solar panels from 2W to 20W. This lighting system can be manually turned on when the user is nearby or programmed to turn on/off at a specific time of day and night. They can be used in homes, offices and any place of business that operates at night. The installation of such lights is very simple. Indoor LED solar lamps mainly consist of heavy cast aluminum and tempered glass cover. The simpler model comes with a 3.6 volt 2,000MAH nimh battery. The most common solar panel is the 5 volt 2 watt glass covered solar panel. The power output of the cells and solar panels depends on the number and power rating of the solar lights used.

One of the most popular applications of outdoor LED solar lamps is street lights. Because of energy shortages and high costs, more and more markets need to be powered in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. Juho solar LED street lights mainly adopt all in one design which ensures the minimum installation cost and time, Juho all in one solar street lights using the best quality solar panels, batteries, controller, Bridgelux LED chips as well as aluminum housing; all Juho integrated all in one LED solar street lights have a warranty of more than three years and can run for a long time without failure. Compared with the ordinary solar LED street lights, Juho all in one solar LED street lamps have a long, reliable lifetime without administrator in operation, environmentally friendly and energy-saving. In the long run, the cost is reduced and they are more advantageous.

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