Several problems of the illumination of solar street light and the solutions

Solar street light is not as easily damaged as city circuit light, and the maintenance work is not too heavy, but there are inevitably some problems in the process of use. Now Juho Lighting let you know in advance the use process of solar street light, several common problems and their solutions of the street light illumination.

  1. The street light fails to light up

Solar street light will automatically light up at night, but if not, maybe there’s a problem of short circuit. In addition to checking the line, you can also check whether the connection of the controller has problem. In general, poor contact of the controller will cause the street light to be off. If there is a problem with the battery, you just need to replace it. If all of them are normal, consider whether the light source has failed, and the problem will be solved by replacing a new one.

  1. The illumination time of street light is short

Sometimes the street light may be off suddenly in the evening, but the dawn hasn’t come yet. It may be the weather problem, because the energy received by the solar street light panel is not enough on rainy or cloudy day, the battery is not able to support the long-term operation of the street light. It is also possible that the battery has failed, causing the battery can’t be fully charged. In addition to the inspection of the weather and the corresponding protective measures, it is necessary to install a battery of good quality to ensure the normal operation of the solar street light.

  1. The flashing problemof street light

Sometimes the street light is lit, but there is a flashing problem, which has a great impact on illumination, and is bad for our vision. This may be a problem with the line connection. If there is no problem after the inspection, it may be that the battery is close to be run out. The battery is an important accessory in the operation of solar street light, the daily inspection and maintenance are indispensable.

Solar street light is to provide lighting for people at night or in a dark environment. No matter what problems the lights have, they will cause some inconvenience. Therefore, it’s necessary to find out and solve the problems in time to ensure the normal use of street light. Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. provides quality street lights, welcome to purchase.

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