What consequences would low price war of solar street lights cause? How should the manufacturer deal with it?

As a new type of energy product, solar street light has attracted much attention due to its advantages such as green energy and environmental protection etc., and has gradually become popular among more and more buyers. Once there’s demand, there will be market, and then the unscrupulous black-hearted merchants will come and pursue benefit. Low price war has always been a means of marketing, and merchants have repeatedly depressed the price of their products, hoping to attract more customers. So, is it really desirable to lower the price simply?

Juho Lighting can tell you responsibly that low price war will bring bad consequences.

In order to keep the price down, some black-hearted manufacturers will cut corners and use some poor quality parts for assembly, so the quality of the products produced is not good enough naturally. Either the use age can’t meet the universal value of solar street light, or there are frequent failures during use, such as the light source is not bright enough, the battery can’t be charged fully. If more and more such defective products flow into the market, it will only make consumers have a bad impression on solar street light, thus affecting the long-term development of new energy street light.

As the saying goes, a mouse smashes a pot of porridge, and these manufacturers will also damage the entire market and ruin the reputation of solar street light. In this way, not only the development of solar street lights can’t be goes better, but also people’s daily needs can’t be satisfied better, which is unfavorable to both parties.

So, how should the solar street light manufacturers deal with low price war? The best way is to improve your own products. You can’t just focus on the price, the first thing a product should focus on is quality. Therefore, manufacturers should strictly control the quality of various accessories for solar street light, and strive to provide consumers with the product of good performance. The price is based on the quality, peruse high quality at first, and then rationalize the price on this basis, do not raise the price deliberately, or provide low quality product because of the pursuit of low prices.

In addition, manufacturers can continue to develop their own technology to achieve more possibilities for the use of solar street lights. Selling products and providing services are inseparable, manufacturers can provide customers with a good service experience. Under the dual control of quality and service, you’re capable to fight the manufacturers who use low price to attract eyeballs.

In this regard, Shenzhen Juho Lighitng Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principle of providing customers the products with excellent quality and reasonable price, and strive to provide satisfactory services to customers. If you have demand, welcome to contact us.

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