What factors should be pay attention to when purchasing solar street lights ?

In the new energy era, people gradually realized the importance, environment-friendly, and safety of solar energy. But most people only know that solar energy is a good product, but don’t know much about the details. For example, the solar street light, many people know that it is green and safe, and will save more money than the city’s circuit lights in long-term usage.

However, do you really know about solar street light? Is solar street light suitable for any street? Are all the solar street lights on the market worth buying? In order to prevent you from buying solar street light blindly or buying poor quality solar light at high price, Juho Lighting are pleased to share you some notes for purchasing solar street light.


The battery is an important part of the solar street light, and its life will also affect the light’s. After using the inferior battery for a period of time, there will be a situation that the charging cannot be full. For example, the charging can only reach 50% of the total power, which is far away from enough. Moreover, the inferior battery causes the lighting effect reducing a lot in practical applications, which seriously hinders the street light from exerting its original effect.

  1. LED light source

Although LED light is a new type of energy-saving light, but some unscrupulous businesses will also produce inferior products. Those LED lights with severe light decay will affect the overall illumination of lights, so choosing a good quality LED light source is also the key to purchasing solar street lights.

  1. Controller

Many people don’t know much about solar controllers and even ignore them most of times, but in fact, it is also a component that needs careful attention when purchasing solar street lights. A good controller can be used in a variety of weather conditions, no matter it is foggy or rainy, hot or cold. The corrosion resistance and anti-aging function of the controller are also very important. Finally, we should choose the controller with a power below 1 mA, which has high charging efficiency and can actively track the current of the panel.

  1. Lamp body and protective material

Because the street light always works outdoors, the quality of the lamp body and certain protective materials are very important, they can also affect the life and safety of the solar street light directly.

  1. Actual needs

Although solar street light is good, but don’t place your order blindly, you should determine whether it is really necessary to install solar street light based on the installation place. For example, the places such as aisles and highway tolls, usually use lever lights with high-pressure sodium lamps or metal halide lamps together.

Before purchasing solar street lights, you should confirm the specific demands first, then select good quality lamps from many aspects. In this regard, if you need, Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd. can provide you with quality solar street lights, welcome to contact us!

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