Why do the solar street light suddenly not light up? Maybe there is a problem with these components

We have been saying all along that solar street light is greener and has a longer life than the city’s circuit light, and it do not require frequent maintenance like the city’s circuit light. However, there is nothing we can guarantee that it will never be bad and will always be in normal operation. Therefore, we have to accept the fact that solar street light occasionally fail. Usually, when the solar street light suddenly does not light up, many users do not know how to solve it. The fundamental reason is that they do not know where the problem is. Now let Juho Lighting tell you that the sudden failure of solar street light may be a problem with these components as bellow. As long as properly checked and maintained, we can continue to maintain the normal operation of the solar street light.

  1. Battery

The battery is an important part of the solar street light, whether the light can illuminate normally or not mainly depends on it. When installing, the battery might occur the problem that the positive and negative poles are reversed or the contact is poor, which may cause the street light fail to work properly. Secondly, if the battery is damaged or its life is expired, it will also cause the street light to be off. The battery life of solar street light  is generally about 5-8 years, and the battery should be replaced in time near the life limit.

  1. Controller

If it appears the phenomenon of that the solar street light sometimes work well and sometimes fail, or normal at daytime and abnormal at night, it means that there is a problem with the controller. The solution is to reconnect the controller. If the indicator light of the controller is not lit after connected, it means that the controller has a fault, then it is necessary to replace the controller in time to ensure the normal operation of the street light.

  1. Lightsocket, solar panel, or other components of light

Other components such as light socket and solar panel are also likely to have problems, if there is no problem with the battery and controller, you need to check other components and replace the damaged components with new ones in time. In general, the solar street light is not easily damaged, and the component failures can be easily solved. Therefore, as long as these small problems are solved, the street light can continue to glow normally with no other influence.

The maintenance of solar street light is much simpler than that of the city circuit lights, so we can’t be lazy in the process of using them, and we have to check them from time to time. If the solar street light suddenly does not light up, we should promptly replace the damaged components to ensure that it can continue to serve us. If you have more questions about solar street lights, you can call Shenzhen Juho Lighting Technology Co., ltd., let us clear your confusions.

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